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Provincial National Assembly Delegation: Contributing many ideas to the country's socio-economic development


The third session of the 15th National Assembly has just taken place successfully. Attending the meeting, the Delegation of the National Assembly of Quang Ninh province contributed many speeches and comments on practical issues, which were recognized and appreciated by the National Assembly, voters and people.

Delegates of the Quang Ninh Provincial National Assembly Delegation pressed the button to vote on the Resolution at the 3rd session of the 15th National Assembly.

Before the meeting took place, the provincial National Assembly Delegation's Delegation applied flexibly measures to collect voters' opinions in many forms, fully synthesized the content of voters' recommendations, and reported to the National Assembly Standing Committee. . Before the meeting, the provincial National Assembly Delegation's Delegation contacted voters, fully prepared documents and information on the content and agenda of the meeting. On the basis of voters' opinions, the Delegation shall develop a report summarizing voters' recommendations and send it to the National Assembly Standing Committee with 11 recommendations; sent to the Provincial People's Committee with 21 recommendations.

The Provincial National Assembly Delegation has organized to collect opinions in writing and sent it to 145 turns of agencies, units and experts to collect opinions on 6 law projects; organize 7 consultation conferences to participate in 5/6 law projects to be submitted to the National Assembly for consideration at the session; conducted a survey at Quang Ninh Prison on a number of contents of the draft Resolution on "Pilot model of organizing labor activities, vocational guidance and vocational training for prisoners outside prison". The information from the surveys has practical significance, is an important data for the National Assembly deputies to have an overview and participate in effective and quality discussions, questioning and debate sessions.

At the 3rd session, the 15th National Assembly, the Quang Ninh National Assembly Delegation's Delegation was very active, listening, synthesizing, and selecting the contents of interest to voters and people in the province, and recommendations to send to the National Assembly. . The experiences, practices and opinions of agencies, units and localities through the organization of consultation conferences on law projects organized by the National Assembly Delegation's Delegation have made an important contribution to the National Assembly deputies' valid opinions and contributions to the development of the draft law associated with practice from the grassroots. At this session, the National Assembly highly appreciated Quang Ninh's leadership, direction and bright spots in implementing the Resolution of the National Assembly Standing Committee on the arrangement of administrative units at district and commune levels in the coming period. 2019-2021 is associated with planning, expanding the local boundaries and space for socio-economic development.