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Quality assurance of floating materials in aquaculture


In 2022, the province aims to replace all foam buoys in aquaculture at sea. Therefore, in the past time, localities have stepped up to stop foam buoys to switch to using HDPE materials. The switch from foam floats to HDPE plastic floats will increase the cost of farmers in aquaculture. Therefore, ensuring the quality of floating materials is something that aquarists are particularly interested in.

Currently, the units producing HDPE plastic floats on the basis of machinery and equipment have focused on production, meeting the requirements of quantity and quality of service of aquaculture establishments in the province; actively propagate and organize product introduction seminars; training and instructing fishermen to use buoys correctly and effectively. In the process of supplying floating material products, businesses have had their own mechanisms and incentives through the issuance of procedures and policies to guarantee plastic float products, with contractual commitments with customers. purchase to encourage aquaculture establishments and households to participate in the replacement and conversion of floating materials in accordance with the province's policy. In which, there are a number of businesses that claim to promptly handle, warranty and maintain faulty floats for farmers such as: Super Truong Phat Plastic Group Joint Stock Company, Van Long Co., Ltd., Quang Nam Co., Ltd. Chau and other units.

However, according to the assessment of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, in order to ensure the route to replace the foam floats in accordance with the direction of the province, not to let the people's bad public opinion related to the quality of floating materials, the localities still play a role. most important role and responsibility. Therefore, localities need to strengthen propaganda on the mass media to inform each aquaculture household at sea about the list of floating material production facilities that have been recognized as being able to comply with regulations. capacity to supply products according to regulations. In particular, it is necessary to recommend people to buy floating floats with standard origin; strengthen patrols, inspection and handling of violations of the law on the use of floating materials in marine aquaculture according to the province's regulations.