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More than 10 years of persistently implementing the transformation of growth model to in-depth development, transforming the development mode from "brown" to "green", towards sustainability based on three pillars: nature, people , culture combined with taking advantage of the trend of peace, cooperation, integration, new opportunities and new technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution brings and participates extensively and effectively in the production network. and global value chains. Economic restructuring; synchronously and effectively resolve conflicts and challenges in order to accelerate the speed of industrialization - modernization - urbanization; closely combine industry, service, and agriculture; Taking the Party Committee and the government as a tectonic role, taking the people as the subject, and businesses as the driving force, Quang Ninh has given Quang Ninh the sweet fruit of innovation and breakthrough.

PERIOD 2010-2015

Impressive economic growth

Economic growth in the period 2011-2015 was 7.6%/year, high compared to the national average (5.82%).

Gross domestic product (GRDP) in 2015 reached 3,900 USD, 1.76 times higher than 2010 and 1.77 times higher than the national average (2,200 USD).

State budget revenue in the area is always ranked in the top group of provinces and cities with the highest revenue in the country. Total revenue in the period 2011 - 2015 reached 161,486 billion VND, an increase of 2.2 times compared to the period 2006-2010. In which, domestic revenue increased on average 15.3%/year.


The average added value of the service industry in the period 2011-2015 is 8.8%/year.

Quang Ninh focuses on transforming in the direction of developing service industries with potential, advantages, high science and technology content and sustainable development such as tourism, commercial services, logistics, and information technology. , finance, banking, insurance...

Industrial production should reasonably maintain industries with advantages of the province such as coal, electricity, cement, building materials, ship repair... in the direction of applying modern technology in production and lifting. High performance, environmental protection.

The economic structure shifts towards gradually increasing the proportion of services

The province gives priority to the development of high technology, clean technology, cultural and entertainment industries; focus on attracting investment in association with mechanisms and policies to strive to achieve the occupancy rate of industrial parks and industrial clusters according to the planning, in which to build a number of specialized zones. Attracting technology, resources and investment, especially in the foreign-invested sector.

The growth rate of industrial production value in the period 2011-2015 is 7.3%/year; in which the proportion of the mining industry is gradually reduced, and the proportion of the processing, manufacturing and electricity generation industries is gradually increased. The proportion of the mining industry in total product value in 2010 was 38.2%, down to 25% in 2015; the proportion of processing, manufacturing and electricity production in 2010 was 15.1%, increasing to 28.7% in 2015.

Quang Ninh becomes a major thermal power production center of the country; accounting for 16% of the total electricity output of the country; Cement production accounts for about 10% of the country's total capacity.

The shipbuilding industry contributes many important products such as large tonnage ships, ships for the fishing force, the coast guard...

Attracting large corporations to research and invest in clean and high-tech industries in Viet Hung Industrial Park (Ha Long), AMATA smart urban industrial park (Quang Yen), high-tech medicine and pharmaceutical industrial park in EZ Van Don, Hai Ha Seaport Industrial Park...

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