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Quang Ninh focuses on sustainable forestry development


In November 2019, the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution 19-NQ/TU (NQ19) on "Sustainable forestry development in Quang Ninh province to 2025, vision to 2030". On this basis, the Party committees and authorities of the province have made specific plans to implement the Resolution, bringing practical effects in sustainable forestry development in the area.

The Provincial Farmers' Association set out to plant large timber forests in Pac Lieng 2 area, Binh Lieu town, Binh Lieu district.


Defining forestry as a specific economic-technical industry with a long production cycle, Quang Ninh has strengthened the planning and management of three types of forests. Currently, the area of land planned for forestry in the province is 435,125 ha, accounting for nearly 70% of the province's natural area, of which 370,213 ha is forested land, the forest coverage rate reaches 55%, higher than the average level. the national army is 13.05%.

For sustainable forestry development, Quang Ninh strengthens forest protection and nature conservation. In the two years 2020 and 2021, the whole province has contracted 79,892 hectares of land to households, units and organizations with a total funding of 27,421.24 million VND. Before NQ19, the province had 24,904ha of special-use forest. After promulgating NQ19, in 2020, the Provincial People's Committee established a special-use forest to protect the landscape of Ha Long Bay; In 2021, approving the task of establishing Dong Rui Wetland Reserve (Tien Yen), strictly protecting the Red Tram forest, primeval Troi forest (Co To), Tram forest (Van Don), completing the construction. Ecotourism project of Dong Son - Ky Thuong Nature Reserve... The province also strengthens the management of endangered and rare forest animals in the area.

Quang Ninh also focuses on arranging forestry companies, increasing land allocation, forest allocation, planting replacement forests, applying science and technology to create breakthroughs, improve forest values, and effectively use forest resources. and forestry land, mobilizing resources for investment in forest development and forestry economy... thereby helping Quang Ninh forests to develop more and more sustainably, while contributing to the protection of land, climate and water resources.. . has brought economic benefits to people in the area.