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Quang Ninh police step up the implementation of “Project 06”


Implement the Government's Project 06 on developing the application of population data, identification and electronic authentication for national digital transformation in the period of 2022-2025, with a vision to 2030, as an agency Over the past time, Quang Ninh Public Security has actively advised the Provincial People's Committee to implement solutions to soon complete the set goals and tasks.

Provincial police have actively consulted with the Provincial People's Committee to guide, inspect and urge the implementation of Project 06 in the force, as well as in the whole province. At the same time, direct the police of districts, towns and cities and the police of communes, wards and townships to advise the People's Committees of the same level to develop implementation plans and establish a working group; proactively review documents contrary to the provisions of the Law on Residence 2020 to propose amendments and annulments according to regulations.

Specifically, advising the Provincial People's Committee to submit to the Provincial People's Council for promulgation Resolution No. 109/2022/NQ-HDND, dated July 9, 2022, stipulating the minimum housing area to register for permanent residence at lawful rental accommodation. , borrow, stay in Quang Ninh; Resolution No. 104/2022/NQ-HDND, dated July 9, 2022 on amending, supplementing and abolishing a number of fees specified in Resolution No. 62/2017/NQ-HDND, dated 7/7/ 2017.

At the same time, the Provincial Police organized 8 training courses on the Law on Residence 2020, guiding the exploitation, administration and operation of the National Population Database system for nearly 400 comrades who are commanders and officers. belonging to the administrative management team, commune-level police in the whole province; review and fully equip facilities, equipment, machinery, transmission lines, arrange meeting places to ensure people at 177/177 commune police headquarters.

Project 06 clearly defines the target audience as people and businesses. Accordingly, organizations and individuals enjoy the best benefits through public administrative services, social security and access to commercial services through "e-identification". The implementation of Project 06 has a great role, meaning and importance. This is one of the key tasks, creating a foundation for modern state administrative management, contributing to the development of e-government, digital government, digital society and digital economy. From that role, the Provincial Police have focused on propaganda and guidance for people to understand the benefits of opening an e-ID account.

Provincial police also coordinated with departments, branches and localities to build 22 reportages; publish 102 news articles; printed 516 posters and posters, broadcast more than 3,000 times on loudspeakers of villages, hamlets and quarters, integrated propaganda content into meetings and activities of residential groups, villages and hamlets to disseminate widely to the masses. them people. Promote propaganda on social networking sites such as facebook, zalo... especially the fanpage of the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order, established from March 2022 to now, has 7,100 followers. , more than 180,000 hits view articles; received and answered more than 18,000 people's requests and questions about residence, CCCD issuance, online public services (100% of citizens' requests answered).

In addition, the Provincial Police has merged the working group to implement Project 06 at village and zone levels with the community digital technology group, so far, there are 1,473 community digital technology groups (1,462 in the province). groups in villages, hamlets and quarters; 11 groups in enterprises) covering 177/177 communes, wards and townships, with the participation of 11,255 members. The police force has strengthened the implementation of granting electronic identifiers to citizens, in the immediate future, priority will be given to those who do CCCD pick up chips, the target group of pupils, students, teachers, people who are entitled to welfare policies. social security... to authenticate for exams and deploy the Government's social security packages.