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Nearly a decade of persistently implementing a one-centred, two-way multi-dimensional development space, with two breakthroughs has given Quang Ninh a thorough solution to the contradictions and challenges that were recognized 10 years ago. The province has been gradually resolving conflicts and conflicts between coal mining, contributing to ensuring national energy security, industrial development and tourism and service development in the same area, with the same space. development time. That is the contradiction between industrialization and urbanization being accelerated and accelerated with the requirement to protect the ecological environment. That is the contradiction between sustainable development and solving the challenge of non-traditional security, especially climate change.

Quang Ninh today is modern, orderly, neat and clean, a place where the beauty of nature, people and culture intersect in the trend of integration and development. Green, clean and beautiful cities, rural areas, mountainous areas and islands are the countryside worth living. Socio-economic breakthroughs, achieving comprehensive achievements, is a locality that is always in the top of the country, with the growth rate of GRDP in the past 10 years always reaching over 10%. Provincial competitiveness indicators such as PCI, PAPI have continuously held the top positions for many consecutive years. The development of the economy shifted completely from "brown" to "green". Technical infrastructure, urban infrastructure, transport infrastructure make spectacular changes. From an area with no highways, no airports, and no international seaports, it has become a locality that meets all the requirements of the most modern transport infrastructure, realizing great ideas and aspirations to become a growth pole of the Northern region, the door is open, the gateway is a worthy counterweight of ASEAN to China.

Source: Collector