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At the tourism promotion programme

At the program, representatives of Quang Ninh Department of Tourism introduced the province’s tourism potentials and a range of promotional product packages.

“We have been pursuing the goal of turning Quang Ninh into a four-season destination which is well-known for its safety, attractiveness and hospitality.”, they highlighted.

Notably, many new and impressive tourism products such as Yacht Night Street and golf course tours as well as a series of high-class hotels and resorts were mentioned in the introduction.

Participants were also given essential details of Quang Ninh’s policies on tourism stimulation and 65 special cultural events held in 2022 with a view to attracting tourists.

A representative of the Hanoi Tourism Association commented on the tourism stimulus program of Quang Ninh province.

Localities and businesses taking part in the program asked for more details about the province’s tax and price exemption and reduction policy, the prices of cruise services to visit Ha Long Bay and various tours and routes linking attractions. They inclined to believe that they would introduce all information related to Quang Ninh tourism to their tourists and customers soon.

Quang Ninh tourism sector hoped to strengthen its cooperation with other provinces, cities and enterprises across the country in order to gain a strong growth of local tourism sector in the time to come.