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The Quang Ninh People’s Committee and the US’s Discovery Networks will cooperate in promoting the image of the province’s land, people and tourism.

Deputy Chairwoman of the Quang Ninh People’s Committee Nguyen Thi Hanh presented gift to Mr. Andrew White. 

At a recent meeting between the two sides, Mr. Andrew White, Senior Director in charge of International Development of Discovery Networks, expressed his impression of Quang Ninh’s socio-economic development, especially infrastructure, transport and Quang Ninh’s tourism recovery after the epidemic.

He saidt Discovery Networks TV channel wishes to cooperate with the northern province to carry out quality television programs to promote the image, people and tourist destination of the locality on digital TV platform, internet TV, and social network.

Deputy Chairwoman of the Quang Ninh People’s Committee Nguyen Thi Hanh said: promoting tourism images through Discovery Networks is expected to contribute to widely conveying information and images of Quang Ninh land and people to the region and the world, promoting tourism development, especially in the context that the smokeless industry is trying to recover strongly after the pandemic.

The province will agree on the content of communication cooperation with Discovery Networks to bring the image of Ha Long and Quang Ninh tourism to the public and friends around the world, she added.

Quang Ninh province is aiming to become an international tourism center, a leading national tourist destination, with a synchronous and modern infrastructure system; diversified, unique, high-quality tourism products, strong brands, imbued with cultural identities of the ethnic groups in the province, capable of competing with countries regionally and internationally.

Discovery Networks is currently one of the leading American media companies, reaching 2.2 billion viewers in 230 countries and 51 different languages, specializing in presenting documentaries focusing on life sciences. , technology, history, reality TV shows and science entertainment.