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Quang Ninh topped the national PAPI Ranking and led in 4/8 content axes


Quang Ninh topped the national PAPI Ranking and led in 4/8 content axes

On the morning of April 12, in Hanoi City, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) coordinated with relevant units to organize a ceremony to announce the 2022 Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI). Quang Ninh province ranked first in the rankings with 47.87 points and led the country in 4/8 content axes.

Central and local delegates attended the announcement ceremony of the 2022 PAPI Index.

At the announcement ceremony of the PAPI 2022 index, Quang Ninh province was ranked in the group of provinces with the highest scores and ranked first nationwide with a combined score of 47.87 points. Ranked 2nd and 3rd are Binh Duong and Thanh Hoa. The last group includes the provinces of Cao Bang, Tay Ninh, Dien Bien...

According to the general analysis report, in all 8 content index axes of the 2022 PAPI rankings, Quang Ninh's scores are in the highest group nationwide. In particular, the province has 4 content axes leading the country including: Openness in decision making with the people reaching 6.37 points; Accountability to the people reached 4.58 points; Public administrative procedures reached 7.65 points; E-governance scored 3.70 points.

PAPI Provincial Public Administration and Governance Performance Index by the Center for Community Support Development Research (CECODES), the Center for Staff Training and Scientific Research under the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, Analysis Company real time (RTA) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) made the announcement.

This is a tool that reflects the people's voice on the level of effectiveness in governance, state management, policy implementation and public service provision of governments at all levels. This index has been repeated over many years, focusing on collecting people's opinions nationwide through the largest sociological survey in the country.

The 2022 PAPI index is a survey result from 16,117 randomly selected Vietnamese citizens in all 63 provinces and cities nationwide - the highest record for the number of people surveyed over 14 years of surveys. PAPI. The analysis results from people's experiences and assessments expressed through the content axes of the PAPI index will be an important information channel that not only reflects the thoughts and aspirations of the people at the grassroots level, but also is the basis for the government system at all levels and policy makers to promptly adjust and perfect policies and operating methods to suit practical requirements.

Quang Ninh's PAPI results are a true and objective reflection of the synchronous solutions the province has implemented recently in improving the operating efficiency of the government apparatus, meeting people's satisfaction. . It focuses on promoting and achieving many substantive results in a number of work contents, such as: Promoting openness and transparency in units and localities, especially issues related to compensation work. compensation, support for site clearance, land use planning; Focus on resolving petitions and thoroughly handling people's petitions; Promote the review and simplification of administrative procedures to create favorable conditions for people and businesses; Improve the quality of education and training, people's health care...