Investment News

Quang Yen focuses on urban upgrading


Quang Yen town aims to become a city before 2025 and a grade II city before 2030. Therefore, this year is considered a pivotal year for Quang Yen to invest in building synchronous urban infrastructure, step by step approaching the criteria to the city according to the correct route.


Tran Nhan Tong road (Quang Yen town) is being upgraded and expanded.

In 2020, Hiep Hoa commune (Quang Yen town) will be recognized as a commune meeting advanced new rural standards (NTM). From 2020 up to now, Hiep Hoa commune continues to improve the criteria for rural areas in association with the embellishment of infrastructure and strives to complete the criteria for ward establishment. Through the review of traffic infrastructure, up to now, 100% of inter-village roads have been concreted. However, comparing with the standards for establishing wards, Hiep Hoa commune has 5/15 targets that have not been met, including: Balancing budget revenue and expenditure; the rate of non-agricultural workers; traffic land area per population; density of main sewer lines and proportion of treated urban wastewater meeting technical regulations.

Mr. Dinh Tuan Thuy, Vice Chairman of Hiep Hoa Commune People's Committee, said: The locality is coordinating with competent authorities to review and adjust the detailed planning of the commune center in accordance with the general planning of the town. This is a prerequisite, important, and basis for mobilizing resources to build key projects. In order to overcome the unsatisfactory standards, in the coming time, the commune will mobilize resources to socialize the development of urban infrastructure in the manner that the State and the people work together. Specifically, the investment portfolio by field, based on the ward's missing criteria, diverges the investment from year to year to ensure completion progress and capital allocation. In addition, the commune encourages vocational training, connecting jobs for people to industrial zones in the area to increase income; strengthen training of qualified human resources, build urban administration; urban management, urban culture construction.

Quang Yen town has 19 administrative units, of which there are 11 wards (accounting for 57.9% of administrative units) and 8 communes. According to regulations, in order to go to a city directly under the province, at least 65% of the number of wards or more/total commune-level administrative units must be ensured. Therefore, from now to 2025, the goal of Quang Yen town will be to upgrade 2 communes Hiep Hoa and Tien An to wards. The establishment of these two wards is an important condition for the town to move to the city according to the set schedule.