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Quang Yen: Improve DDCI


In 2021, Quang Yen implements the implementation of the departmental, departmental, sectoral and local competitiveness index (DDCI) in the context of the unpredictable developments of the Covid-19 pandemic across the province, in which the town is also affected. no small movement. However, with the efforts and efforts of localities, agencies, units and the companionship of the business community, Quang Yen excellently ranked first in the group of districts, towns, cities, with a total score of 79.8/100; an increase of 13.13 points compared to 2020 and an increase of 8 points compared to 2019. Yen Town Land Fund Development Center counts assets to support and compensate for Phong Hai ward people related to the road project from Cho Roc intersection to Phong Hai intersection.

Clearly defining the role and importance of raising the DDCI index, from the beginning of the year until now, Quang Yen has focused on synchronously implementing solutions to improve the business investment environment and enhance competitiveness. of the town. To do this, the town has directed branches and units to actively develop plans and organize the implementation in their units on the component indexes in the district-level competitiveness improvement index. In which, focusing on reforming administrative procedures, reforming the civil service regime, improving the professionalism of the contingent of civil servants; develop policies to support investment, support economic development to create an attractive and favorable business environment for investors to invest in the locality.

The town closely cooperates with the Department of Planning and Investment in supporting businesses to register for establishment, production and business, mobilizing and supporting business households to set up businesses, with a time of registration for business establishment in 2 days. date and quick procedure. By the end of May 31, the town established 35 new businesses, reaching 28% of the plan assigned by the province. The structure, scale and field of operation of enterprises have undergone many changes in accordance with the economic restructuring of the town in the direction of increasing the proportion of industry and services.

Along with that, Quang Yen implemented many solutions to speed up the processing of administrative procedures for off-budget investment projects. In the first 6 months of the year, the town held 3 meetings with investors of industrial parks, seaports and investors outside the industrial zones, in order to remove difficulties and obstacles to support investors in implementing the project. project to ensure the scheduled progress. At the same time, coordinate with departments, agencies and sectors in attracting secondary investment projects in Nam Tien Phong and North Tien Phong industrial zones; coordinate in carrying out the procedures for the investor to start the construction project of housing for workers in Song Khoai Industrial Park...

Determining site clearance is the key task of all levels and sectors, in order to attract investment resources in the area, Quang Yen also regularly organizes working with investors to remove difficulties in land clearance of projects. project is underway. The town has been carrying out land clearance for 38 projects with a total area of nearly 2,500 hectares recovered. Currently, 297.1ha of land has been handed over to investors in 6 projects. In addition, off-budget projects and projects under the town budget are directed to ensure timely progress and progress of production and business plans of enterprises having projects deployed in the area. . of the Public Administration Center of Quang Yen Town guide people to carry out administrative procedures.

In order to improve the transparency index, currently administrative procedures related to businesses, people and related information are listed, publicized, received and resolved at the Center for Public Administration. town. In providing information for businesses and people, Quang Yen maintains well the provision of information on the town's electronic portal in the fields of economy, society, planning, security and order. order, business investment ... directly interact with the electronic portal of the province and departments, departments and branches. At the same time, maintaining the operation of the fanpage "Quang Yen DDCI", assigning specialized agencies to take charge of the management, updating and posting of information regularly...

With solutions that have been implemented, in 2022, Quang Yen strives to complete the goal of improving scores and maintaining the leading position in the DDCI index in the block of districts, towns and cities of the province; especially, constantly improving the scores of some component indexes that are still at a low level.