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Quang Yen: Promoting collective economic development


Over the past time, the Farmers' Union of Quang Yen Town has strengthened cooperation to encourage members to actively associate in production, establish cooperatives (cooperatives), cooperative groups (THT) to promote the development movement. local collective economy.

 The black carp farming model of Mr. Dinh Van Chien (Nam Hoa ward, Quang Yen town).

These days, Mr. Dinh Van Chien (zone 4, Nam Hoa ward, Quang Yen town) is busy preparing for the black carp harvest on his family's 4-hectare coastal pond. Mr. Dinh Van Chien shared: In 2020, a difficult time to start a business, I was allowed to borrow VND 50 million from the Farmers Support Fund to invest in ponds, machinery, equipment, and seed; was introduced to join the black carp farming association of Nam Hoa ward. Since then, I have had the opportunity to meet and connect with brothers, willing to share experiences, learn new techniques, advise each other on seeds, food, output for products. Whenever there is an unexpected problem in electricity production, water supply, damage to the lagoon, etc., everyone supports each other. My family's harvest this year is expected to yield between 60-70 tons of healthy carp.

According to Ms. Vu Thi Ninh, Chairwoman of Nam Hoa Ward Farmers' Association, in addition to the carp farming association, the whole ward also has branches and associations for gardening, raising commercial black tiger shrimp, raising fighting cocks, etc. works very efficiently. Nam Hoa Ward Farmers' Association always innovates and increases efficiency in implementing activities to support members in terms of seed, capital, technical advice, comprehensive digital transformation, etc. Members also have different activities. It is convenient to work together to improve productivity and efficiency, while firmly connecting in life, encouraging each other to build a happy and prosperous family, cultivating village love and neighborliness in the residential community. .

It is known that, in order to replicate the models of expenditures, groups, and professional associations, and orient the development of linkages along the sustainable value chain, the Farmers' Association of Quang Yen Town has directed the establishments to promote propaganda and advocacy. , guiding the establishment of branches and professional associations suitable to the practical conditions of each locality. In the 9 months of 2022, all levels of associations organized 47 propaganda sessions for nearly 3,900 farmer members. Simultaneously, integrating propaganda through leaflets distribution, branch activities, conference programs of the Justice Department, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Town Police. In particular, at all levels, the Quang Yen Town Youth Union won the second prize at the provincial level in the contest "Farmers compete for talent"... The propaganda and advocacy work ahead has created positive changes in a large number of staff. Ministries, farmers' members on the meaning and role of collective economy. At the same time, helping households when participating in production cooperation, establishing organizations, business units ... have basic understanding of the order and legal paperwork.

To encourage members to cooperate in production, the Farmers' Union of Quang Yen Town also gives priority to loans for models that have joined branches, professional associations, cooperative groups and cooperatives. The town's farmer support fund also maintains management of more than 9.5 billion VND for about 180 member households to borrow capital for production development. From 2020 to now, the whole town has built 13 branches and professional associations in many fields of production (aquaculture, poultry, cultivation...). Branches and professional associations have established operating regulations with the consensus of the majority of members. The content of activities focuses on propagating and raising awareness for farmer members about the operation of the new branch and association model; sharing experiences in production and business; provide guidance on how to do projects, loan procedures, and effectively manage and use loans.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Vinh, Chairwoman of Farmers' Association in Quang Yen Town, said: "Building a model of expenditures and professional associations to meet the requirements of society on agricultural production, thereby helping farmer members to implement the implementation." better control the quality of inputs and outputs of products on a larger scale, contributing to the formation of concentrated commodity-growing regions; The conditions for comprehensive digital transformation in agriculture will also be met.