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Quang Yen: Speed up construction of key projects




Towards celebrating the 60th anniversary of the province's founding on October 30 (1963-2023), Quang Yen town has launched emulation movements, speeding up the progress of many key projects. Investors and construction contractors of projects are trying their best to compete and strive to complete projects ahead of schedule.


Leaders of Quang Yen Town inspected and urged construction contractors to speed up the progress of the Project to renovate and upgrade the Cong Dong road to Hiep Hoa Commune Center (Quang Yen Town).

These days, the atmosphere of production labor competition at the Project to renovate and upgrade the Cong Dong road to Hiep Hoa Commune Center (Quang Yen Town) is taking place very urgently and excitingly. Contractors and construction units are mobilizing maximum human resources to actively accelerate the project's construction progress. This is the only project chosen by Quang Yen Town to have a sign celebrating the 60th anniversary of the province's founding. The project started in early January 2023, with a total length of more than 1.7km; Total investment is 33.5 billion VND. In addition, the project will renovate and upgrade sidewalks, greenery systems, underground lighting systems ... After more than 7 months of construction, up to now, the project has completed over 95% of the work volume. job. According to the representative of the construction unit, the contractor is currently rushing to gather human resources, machinery, and equipment to complete sidewalk paving, underground low-voltage electricity, and lighting of the project. The contractor strives to complete the project before August 25, 2023 to hand it over to the locality as committed. After being put into operation, the route will have important significance, meeting the transportation needs of local people. At the same time, connecting the central traffic of Hiep Hoa commune with neighboring localities, creating a highlight for the urban face of Quang Yen.

In 2023, the total public investment capital of Quang Yen Town is more than 497 billion VND, of which the town budget is more than 402 billion VND and the provincial budget is more than 95 billion VND. From this capital source, Quang Yen Town has allocated investment in many key transportation projects, urban embellishment and investment in resettlement areas. Along with the project to renovate and upgrade the Cong Dong road to the center of Hiep Hoa commune, there are currently many other projects, such as: Dredging and embanking drainage canals from Road 338 to Cong Mieu, Yen Giang ward; Build a flower garden at the Kim Lang bridge intersection in Tien An commune and Quang Yen ward; The resettlement area serving site clearance for key projects in Quang Yen town in Yen Hai ward... is being accelerated, striving to exceed schedule. By the end of August 15, 2023, the disbursement rate of public investment capital in Quang Yen Town reached over 37% of the plan (one of the localities with a disbursement rate higher than the province's average).

Mr. Tran Duc Thang, Chairman of Quang Yen Town People's Committee, said: Currently, the locality is trying to emulate achievements to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the province's founding. In particular, with the project choosing to install a sign to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the province's founding, Quang Yen Town assigned the Quang Yen Town Construction Investment Project Management Board to monitor the content of each job to urge the contractor to speed up progress. degree. In addition, continue to review works and projects at risk of being behind schedule to find ways to remove, consider and adjust accordingly. Agencies are assigned the task of focusing heavily on completing legal procedures for eligible resettlement areas, in order to take the next steps quickly so that people in the area can clear their land. into resettlement areas, with maximum priority given to households affected by the Riverside Road Project connecting Ha Long - Hai Phong Expressway to Dong Trieu Town. With a large workload, localities continue to review, urge, and focus on resolving difficulties and obstacles during the implementation process; At the same time, speed up the progress of projects and disbursement of public investment capital.

Pham Tang