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Remove the "knot" in attracting FDI


Quang Ninh has the largest planned area of industrial zones and economic zones in the country (over 17,000ha), with many areas enjoying investment incentives; along with that, synchronous and modern technical infrastructure, especially multimodal transport infrastructure system. However, the investment attraction for FDI capital is not really exciting and attractive, slowing down the development process of the province.

  Production of silicon wafers at Jinko Solar Industry Co., Ltd (Song Khoai Industrial Park).

There are still many "bottlenecks"

In 2022, Quang Ninh province's goal is to attract 1.5 billion USD of FDI. Although there have been many innovations in investment attraction, at the end of the year, this figure was relatively modest (US$622.6 million), reaching 41.5% of the plan. This result has put Quang Ninh out of the top 10 provinces and cities with the largest total FDI attraction in the country, compiled by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. The causes are many, which have been frankly and seriously recognized and clearly pointed out by departments, departments, sectors and localities, such as: political instability, world trade, rising raw material prices, policies Investment attraction is not attractive, infrastructure of industrial zones and economic zones has not been synchronously invested, high-quality labor resources are still lacking and weak...

In fact, in recent years, the number of FDI investors, especially strategic investors, coming to Quang Ninh is relatively low and has not yet attracted large FDI investors. The province plays a leading role in the fields that the province is interested in calling for, such as processing, manufacturing, and logistics from the major investment markets of Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. In particular, there is no model of joint venture, association in investment cooperation between FDI enterprises and domestic enterprises (the form of investment in Quang Ninh is mainly 100% FDI model); Meanwhile, in some provinces and cities in the country, there are many, typically: Da Nang City, Hanoi City, Ho Chi Minh City.


Producing textile products at Hoa Loi Dat Garment Company Limited (Hai Ha Seaport Industrial Park).

According to a recent report by the Party Committee of the Provincial People's Committee, the main cause is determined mainly by the responsibility of a number of departments, departments and investors in the infrastructure of industrial zones. As for the responsibilities of departments, agencies and sectors, they have not really coordinated well in advising the province on breakthroughs, strategic, long-term and attractive guidelines and directions in creating, attracting investment in FDI projects.

Typically, in the area of Van Don EZ, although the Government has approved the Van Don EZ Construction General Planning and determined that this place will be a multi-sector, multi-field marine economic zone, an entertainment industry center with a casino, high-class sea-island tourism, general services; is the gateway to international trade, creating unique, different and modern products with high quality, brand name and international competitiveness. However, so far, only 1 FDI project is in operation and 3 FDI projects are in the list of investment attraction, accounting for 3.5% of the total number of FDI projects calling for investment in Quang Ninh.

The implementation and review of planning in industrial zones under the responsibility of departments, agencies and sectors is still slow. Specifically, in Nam Tien Phong and North Tien Phong industrial zones, it is proposed to adjust the planning of functional zoning with the scale of 1/2000, the planning of Mong Cai border gate economic zone, the general planning on construction of Quang Yen coastal economic zone. approved; Industry planning in industrial zones is still general and has not created complementary links in attracting investment. The review and state management of foreign investment in industrial zones is still not strict, there is the phenomenon that some FDI projects take a long time and do not ensure progress.