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Residential data application, electronic identification and authentication


Following the direction of the Government and central ministries and branches on the implementation of the Prime Minister's Decision No. 06/QD-TTg (January 6, 2022) approving the Data Application Development Scheme on population, electronic identification and authentication for national digital transformation in the period of 2022-2025 (Project 06), Quang Ninh province has focused on directing and implementing. In which, the province concretizes the scheme according to 5 groups of utilities, achieving many important results.


A permanent police officer at the Ha Long City Public Administration Center enters information on mobile phone accounts for citizens during the process of making application for CCCD. Photo: Minh Ha

Implementing a group of utilities for handling administrative procedures and providing online public services, the province has connected to look up and exploit information from the National Database on Population on the e-Government system of the province. province to replace household registration book, temporary residence book in handling administrative procedures. The provincial Department of Information and Communications has coordinated with the Provincial Police to check and re-evaluate the security and safety of the province's e-government system when connecting to the National Population Database, thereby detecting a number of issues. exist, and at the same time make a record and request relevant units to urgently remedy, ensuring security and safety. The province also maintains and promotes effectively the model of propaganda points about online public services at the headquarters of the People's Committee of Yen Giang ward (Quang Yen town). From this model, in January 2023, people were encouraged to use and register 208 online profiles.

Along with that, the province strengthens the direction to promote propaganda and advocacy for the effective implementation of non-cash payment at the Provincial Public Administration Service Center and district-level public administration center with the total amount paid. online payment (from February 15, 2022 to January 15, 2023) over 1,259 billion VND.

For the group of utilities for socio-economic development, the Provincial People's Committee has issued a document guiding non-cash payment to beneficiaries of social security policies. Up to now, the whole province has 206/221 medical examination and treatment facilities covered by health insurance, providing medical examination and treatment with CCCD cards with electronic chips (reaching 93%); complete e-invoices for 100% of businesses, organizations and business households in the area.

Regarding population development, implementing Project 06, the Provincial Police have collected population data and issued personal identification numbers to 100% of citizens registered for permanent and temporary residence in the province on the system. National population database. From there, promote propaganda about the benefits of chip CCCD cards and electronic identity accounts for citizens; directing to improve the operational efficiency of the Community Digital Technology Group in guiding people to install VNEID and activate electronic identification accounts at levels 1 and 2.

Carrying out the cleaning of population data, the province also completed the targets of updating 9-digit identity cards, households without household heads, with many heads of households. Up to now, it has basically completed the processing of data duplication in the province and outside the province. In January 2023, functional departments of the province reviewed and processed 281 more cases of data duplication in the province outside the Ministry of Public Security's target; handle cases of incorrect structure of personal identification numbers, lack of information, and incorrect information between the National Database on Population and Social Insurance.

For the utility group to complete the ecosystem for connecting, exploiting, supplementing and enriching population data, along with connecting the National Population Database and the National Public Service Portal, the province has completing the connection of the provincial public service portal with other administrative procedures settlement systems of ministries and branches, such as: Justice, Planning and Investment, Vietnam Social Security, and the Postal Corporation.

At the same time, connect the provincial administrative complaint settlement system with the online public service information system to register and settle social assistance policies through the national integrated platform. Up to now, vaccination data has been fully updated on the province's Covid-19 vaccination system. Provincial health facilities also thoroughly handled 21,541 complaints related to vaccination information; deployed to sign the "Vaccine Passport" for those who have been vaccinated (reached 97.4).

Implementing Project 06, implementing a group of utilities to serve the direction and administration work, the Provincial Police in coordination with the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs reviewed and made a list of 18,192 people entitled to the rent support policy, direct the commune-level police to update the national population database system. Police forces at all levels also fully update information about objects in the area into the national population database system for effective monitoring and management measures.

Maintaining the results achieved in digital transformation, especially in the application of population data, identification and electronic authentication for national digital transformation method to continue to review the digitization of dossiers and results of administrative procedures settlement; promote propaganda for people to use online public services, bring into play the role of the community digital technology group. At the same time, effectively maintain the utilities of Project 06 such as exploiting citizen information in the National Database of Population for handling administrative procedures, using CCCD card to replace health insurance in medical examination and treatment.