Investment News

Seafood accelerates


Strongly affected by weather, epidemics, fuel prices..., in the first 6 months of this year, a number of agricultural targets have not been achieved compared to the growth scenario, including fisheries. The fisheries sector is implementing synchronous solutions to fulfill the targets of 2022.

The province's total fishery output in the first six months of 2022 will reach 72,921 tons, reaching 97.1% of the growth scenario; in which, the exploitation output is 34,834 tons, reaching 94.1% of the scenario, and the aquaculture production is 38,087 tons, reaching 100% of the scenario. Notably, one of the important tasks of the seafood industry this year is to replace the floating materials used in marine farming in an environmentally friendly manner. By the end of June, the whole province had converted 89,000/3 million buoys to be converted.

Exploiting strengths in shrimp farming, the Department directs to promote shrimp farming in crop 3; strengthen scientific and technical guidance, support farmers to reduce losses during farming, thereby ensuring shrimp farming output in the last 6 months as planned at 12,909 tons, 25,000 tons for the whole year.

For fishing, the Department directs to monitor weather developments, forecast fishing grounds, and fisherman's fishing situation in the seas to promptly support fishermen with peace of mind in production. At the same time, athletes and fishermen stick to the sea, actively produce in favorable weather, find fishing grounds to concentrate seafood for exploitation, apply fisheries techniques to increase productivity, efficiency and value. exploiting, modernizing the fleet...

The Department advises on effectively implementing solutions to manage the exploitation, protection and development of aquatic resources; temporarily establish 10 control points for fishing vessels at wharves, ports and anchorage areas to avoid storms; assigned localities and units to assess the current status and propose investment policies for class II and III fishing ports in 9 districts, towns and cities. The Department continues to implement projects to establish Co To and Tran island marine protected areas; project on surveying aquatic resources in coastal and inland areas; environmental monitoring of Ha Long Bay.

In order to achieve the goal of sustainable aquaculture.