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Seminar on in-depth analysis to improve the efficiency of Department and District Competitiveness Index (DDCI 2021)


On July 19, the Provincial Investment Promotion Agency coordinated with the Provincial Business Association to organize an "In-depth analysis seminar to improve the effectiveness of the set of survey indicators to assess the department and district competitiveness of Quang Ninh province – DDCI 2021”.

Seminar working session

At the seminar, the DDCI researcher introduced new features in the assessment method, sample selection, and the DDCI Quang Ninh questionnaire in 2021. In which, for DDCI departments, divisions and branches, additionally evaluating and ranking Quang Ninh Market Management Department, the survey added more questions about legal institutions, costs of administrative procedures; at the same time, adjusted and removed some questions to match the actual situation, and continued to add some hard criteria into the survey. The formula for converting scores of indicators in 2021 will calculate based on the data of 3 years from 2019 to 2021 to get the largest and smallest values.

With this method, the scores of the evaluated units will be reduced to a 10-point scale and will not be affected too much by the small number of comparable units.

Through the exchange of ideas, representatives of the Provincial Investment Promotion Agency, the Provincial Business Association, VCCI experts and DDCI survey units clarified the role and importance of the DDCI Index 2021 in the process of socio-economic development of the province. At the same time, proposing solutions to overcome the limitations and shortcomings of the surveyed areas, solutions to better support businesses; thereby improving the competitiveness index at departmental, sectoral and provincial levels in the following years.

Viet Hung (Bao Quang Ninh)