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Health check for people with meritorious services at the Nursing Center for war invalids and people with meritorious services in the province.

The province promulgates many mechanisms and policies to take care of social security and social welfare and prioritizes allocating great resources for areas with special difficulties, ethnic minorities, policy beneficiaries. , weaknesses, gradually narrowing the development gap between localities and regions.

• Total expenditure on social security in the five years 2015-2020 reached 8,981 billion VND, an average increase of 14.9%/year, 1.8 times higher than the period 2011-2015.

• The proportion of urban population using clean water, rural population using hygienic water increased from 93% and 91.4% in 2015 to 98% and 98.3% respectively in 2020.

• Completing the implementation of support to build and repair houses for people with meritorious services (phase 2) with nearly 4,000 households benefiting from the policy.

• The rate of poor households according to multidimensional criteria decreased from 4.56% in 2015 to 0.36% in 2020.

• The number of schools meeting national standards is 545 schools (reaching 85%), an increase of 161 schools compared to 2015, of which 66 schools have invested in smart classrooms. 100% of commune-level units meet level 3 standards.

• The ratio of doctors/ten thousand people in 2020 will reach 14.8 (the country has 9 doctors). The rate of hospital beds/ten thousand people reached 54.6 (the whole country reached 29.5).

• The proportion of population participating in health insurance reaches 95% (the whole country reaches 90.7%); 100% of the poor and policy beneficiaries are covered by health insurance; over 97% of the population has been initialized health records, of which over 82% of the records are updated with information.

• The average life expectancy of people in Quang Ninh in 2019 reached 73.5 years.

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