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Strictly handle acts of profiteering in land clearance compensation


Through regular monitoring and capturing citizen's feedback, the Provincial Party Committee's Inspection Committee conducted an inspection when there were signs of violations against Party member Do Van Quang, Party member of Lien Vi Commune, Chairman of the Party Committee of Lien Vi Commune. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director of Lien Vi 1 Cooperative, Quang Yen Town.

The Inspection Committee of the Provincial Party Committee concluded and assigned the Party organization to have the authority to discipline Party member Do Van Quang for violations in the preparation and payment of support money from the budget when the State withdraws it. soil; propose to consider responsibilities and handle relevant party organizations and other party members in accordance with regulations; At the same time, he has transferred information and proposed to the competent authorities to investigate and clarify the illegal acts of Do Van Quang and other individuals (if any) to handle strictly and in accordance with regulations.

At the end of October, 2022, the Investigation Police Agency of Quang Yen Township Police decided to prosecute the accused and detained Party member Do Van Quang for the crime of "abuse of power in the performance of official duties" specified in Article 2 of this Law. 357 Penal Code. Also on this occasion, the Investigation Police Agency of Quang Yen Town Public Security Department decided to prosecute the accused, arrest and detain party members Dao Van Tao, former Chairman of the Board of Directors, former Director of the cooperative. Lien Hoa 3 and Party member Tran Thi Luyen, former accountant of Lien Hoa 3 Cooperative, Quang Yen Town, on the crime of "embezzlement of property" specified in Article 353 of the Penal Code.

At the end of August 2022, the Investigation Police Agency of Cam Pha City Police also decided to prosecute the accused, arrest and detain Party member Khong Van Thien, Party member, Chairman of Cam Hai Commune Farmers' Association. Former Vice Chairman of the Commune People's Committee and Party member Khong Xuan Hau, Party Member, Secretary of the Communist Youth Union of Cam Hai Commune, former Cadastral Officer of the commune for the crime of “violating regulations on compensation, support and resettlement when the State land recovery” as prescribed in Clause 3, Article 230 of the Penal Code.

Previously, Quang Ninh province also handled very strictly the lily growing crop to profit from compensation and clearance of the Ha Long - Van Don expressway passing through Hoanh Bo district.

Site clearance is an important task in the process of investing in construction projects for socio-economic development. In the process of carrying out this work, many officials and people have been very responsible and enthusiastic in carrying out the work, ready to donate land and dismantle houses for site clearance. However, there are still agencies, organizations and people who take advantage of loopholes in the law to make profit and appropriate state property and these acts need to be dealt with strictly. The Provincial Steering Committee on Anti-Corruption has identified these as key tasks, so it has focused on directing the Inspection Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Inspectorate to transfer the law protection agency to consider investigating. prosecuted a number of cases… The case in Lien Vi commune, Quang Yen town, was the first case that the Inspection Committee had transferred to the investigating agency to investigate and prosecute.

Along with the cases and cases that have been resolved in recent years, the prosecution of the above accused has contributed to deterrence, warning, and prevent negative acts and violations of the law, especially in land management. land, budget management, public assets, public investment, the implementation of support policies when the State recovers land for the implementation of works and projects; demonstrating the determination and drasticness in the fight against corruption and negativity of all levels, party organizations, functional branches and inspection committees at all levels in accordance with the spirit of leadership and direction of the Standing Committee. Provincial Party Committee, Steering Committee on anti-corruption in Quang Ninh province.