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Supporting and accompanying businesses and investors


The point of view of going to the end, accompanying and removing difficulties for businesses and investors has always been promoted and actively implemented by Quang Ninh. According to the PCI 2021 investigation report, 81.6% of domestic private enterprises and 100% of FDI enterprises in Quang Ninh are satisfied with the province's response to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The above results are largely due to the support of the settlement of investment procedures, enterprises have been deployed by the province with a new, fast and shortened time through activities.


Investment Promotion Conference in Quang Ninh province in 2022.

With the positive results achieved in the past time, Quang Ninh continues to set a goal in 2022 to maintain its position in the leading group in the country in improving the business investment environment, sustainably improving capacity. PCI provincial competition, aiming to gradually increase the total PCI score year by year.

To achieve this goal, right from the beginning of the year, the province has led and directed the implementation of resolutions, programs and plans to improve the business investment environment and enhance competitiveness; business development, especially the strong development of the private sector, innovative start-ups. Along with that, the province has drastically directed to continue renewing thinking, raising awareness, roles and responsibilities of leaders in directly leading, directing and organizing the implementation of environmental improvement work. business investment school; creating an equal environment in accessing resources among business sectors and investors; improve the efficiency of transparency as a basis for attracting investors, multinational corporations, associated with cooperation, sharing benefits and responsibilities with enterprises of the province...

For example, it is always timely and prompt to issue guiding documents to support and remove difficulties for businesses by topic and field; set up special working groups to quickly deal with investment and business procedures such as: Investor Care Group supports and urges to accelerate the implementation of projects; working groups to support the implementation of projects; The Provincial People's Committee's special working group on solving difficulties for businesses and people affected by the Covid-19 epidemic...

In addition, solving problems and difficulties for investors and businesses is also done more effectively through many forms such as organizing conferences to work with the Provincial Business Association, the Provincial Tourism Association to remove difficulties, restore production and business; organizing conferences to meet and remove difficulties for businesses... Especially, the new way to support key investment projects is to closely direct, associated with inspection and urging in reality. project site of the provincial leaders, thereby directing the resolution of investment projects immediately.

At the first Business Meeting in 2022, with the participation of nearly 500 delegates representing investors, businesses, cooperatives... held in the middle of May, businesses, Investors all highly appreciate the province's approach to solving difficulties for businesses, directing relevant departments, agencies and sectors to fully and effectively implement the committed contents. It emphasized that despite the extremely difficult context when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, Quang Ninh has always been a bright spot in terms of being proactive in disease prevention and control, maintaining a safe and stable area, developing in the future. new normal; well accomplished the dual target with GRDP growth of over 2 digits for 6 consecutive years (2016-2021); The PCI index in 2021 is in first place for 5 consecutive years and 9 consecutive years in the group of 5 provinces and cities with the best quality of economic management in the country.

The province has actively switched to safe adaptation, while taking care of people's health, maintaining stable production and business activities, developing socio-economic, and quickly recovering the tourism industry. The field of energy industry including coal, electricity and petroleum is always concerned, directed and created the most favorable conditions to support enterprises to develop stably with high growth.

From the beginning of the year up to now, there have been many proposals of businesses answered and answered by the leaders of the province and departments, branches and localities related to the capital market; production and business of processing and manufacturing enterprises; import-export situation and tourism and service business... Along with that, the province, together with the Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group (TKV) and the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) held a conference. proposed to remove difficulties and obstacles in production and business activities of the coal and electricity industries.

Especially, recently at the 3rd meeting of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), on July 26, Quang Ninh province coordinated with the Vietnam Federation of Trade and Industry (VCCI) to organize a conference to promote Investment in Quang Ninh province in 2022 has the theme of "Convergence and diffusion" with the participation of delegates and investors from 21 APEC economies (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum). ) thereby opening up many new cooperation opportunities for local businesses and investors.

Since the beginning of the year until now, the province has welcomed and worked with 20 delegations of organizations, 11 delegations of investors who came to work and learn about the investment environment of the province, such as: AQ Vietnam Joint Stock Company, Adani Group India, Singapore Business Federation in Vietnam... After the working sessions, the focal point staff always actively maintain contact and exchange to serve partners in research and investment decisions.

Mr. Tsai Ching-Hua, General Director of Competition Team Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd., said: In recent years, especially in the past two years, facing the Covid-19 epidemic, the business community has received special attention. province specific. In particular, flexible policies and activities to support businesses in terms of capital, premises, technical infrastructure, transport infrastructure... have created maximum advantages for businesses and investors. We are also committed to constantly making efforts in production and business activities, contributing to promoting socio-economic growth of Quang Ninh.

In 2022 and the following years of the 2020-2025 term, Quang Ninh is facing huge new development opportunities, intertwined with difficulties and challenges to gradually realize the goal of becoming a model province. increasingly rich, beautiful, civilized; modern industrial and service province, one of the dynamic and comprehensive development centers of the North, an important traffic hub of the whole country, the convergence and spread of socio-economic development of the North.

Therefore, in the coming time, Quang Ninh determines to focus on accelerating the development speed and perfecting the synchronous and modern socio-economic infrastructure system, ensuring overall connectivity, the priority focus is on develop strategic transport infrastructure, information technology, telecommunications, seaports and seaport services, logistics infrastructure, infrastructure of industrial zones, economic zones, urban infrastructure, socio-cultural infrastructure. Along with that, the province also prioritizes state resources and maximizes non-state resources for developing high-quality human resources and skilled workers, associated with rapidly increasing scale and improving quality. population; improve the quality of the contingent of leaders, managers, civil servants and public employees.

At the same time, the province will actively support enterprises to promote production and business and improve competitiveness in the value chain; empowering the investor community and businesses to "measure", objectively and independently evaluate through feedback channels, questionnaires, survey the nature of PAR, improve business investment environment, the level of trust in the administrative apparatus at the grassroots level...

From political determination, the mindset of "going with businesses", along with effective solutions that have been implemented by Quang Ninh province, will certainly be an important lever to help businesses and investors. develop.