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 Producing textile products at Hoa Loi Dat Vietnam Garment Co., Ltd (Hai Ha Seaport Industrial Park).

Right after the Lunar New Year holiday ended, one of the biggest difficulties for businesses in industrial zones and economic zones is the shortage of labor force, partly because workers return to their hometown to celebrate Tet, partly because workers return to their hometowns to celebrate Tet. due to the complicated epidemic situation. Understanding that situation, from the perspective of state management, the Provincial Economic Zone Management Board has actively coordinated with relevant departments, branches and localities to support and create conditions to help businesses quickly bring workers back to work. return to work, and at the same time support to search and select more workers in the provinces of the province.

Through statistics, up to now, 64/64 enterprises in industrial zones and economic zones of the province have returned to operation, ensuring a sufficient number of workers involved in production at factories and production workshops. nearly 33,000 employees, accounting for 96.5% of the total number of employees compared to the time before the Lunar New Year.

Chau Thanh Hung, Deputy Head of the Provincial Economic Zone Management Board, said: In addition to supporting workers to return to work after Tet, the unit also supports businesses in the industrial park to deploy Covid-19 vaccination. injection 3. From the end of December 2021 until now, the unit has coordinated with local authorities to support industrial zones and economic zones to deploy injection 3 for nearly 30,000 workers. At the same time, supporting the establishment of mobile medical stations in industrial zones, guiding the collection process, isolating and treating mild F0 patients who are home workers.

In early 2022, relevant agencies and units have actively implemented tasks to strengthen the implementation of administrative procedure reform for enterprises in industrial zones and economic zones according to Decision No. 288/QD-UBND dated January 17/ 2022 of the Provincial People's Committee. In which, the Provincial Economic Zone Management Board acts as the focal point to review and complete administrative procedures under its jurisdiction, and submit it to the Provincial People's Committee for approval.

Since the beginning of the year until now, the Board has received 58 administrative procedures dossiers, in which, 50 administrative procedures dossiers have been handled (including: 40 administrative procedures dossiers resolved before the due date, 10 administrative procedures dossiers resolved on time), 8 dossiers The administrative procedure is being processed, not yet due for payment.

 Production of hats for export at Weitai Ha Long Textile Co., Ltd (Viet Hung Industrial Park).

Faced with the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, instead of meeting and exchanging face-to-face, the Provincial Economic Zone Authority continued to apply information technology in solving work, such as organizing online meetings. with investors and businesses; receive and handle administrative procedures through online public services and public postal services, via email, zalo; promoting and supporting investment through the network environment... At the same time, promoting the role of providing public administrative services, the Investment Support Service Center, actively implementing solutions to enhance support, guiding enterprises in implementing administrative procedures, answering questions, removing difficulties during project implementation in industrial zones and economic zones. In particular, the Investment Support Service Center worked and exchanged over 25 times to guide and support 7 businesses in implementing administrative procedures, answering questions and solving difficulties of enterprises. in the process of implementing projects in industrial zones and economic zones; consult, prepare, submit for appraisal and get approval 2 dossiers in the field of investment and environment; is studying to make 7 dossiers in the fields of planning, construction, investment and environment.

From the positive results of supporting and removing difficulties in production and business development in industrial zones and economic zones, by the end of February 2022, the total investment capital attracted to industrial zones and economic zones in the area reached over VND 1,700 billion. . Specifically, newly granted investment registration certificates for 3 projects (Manufacturing factory of speakers, headphones and smart electronic devices of Tonly Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Vietnam; Factory complex area. and Deep C Russia ready-built warehouse of DEEP C Russia Joint Stock Company; Texhong Ngan Quang standard spinning factory complex of Texhong Ngan Ha Investment Company Limited); issue and adjust investment registration certificates for garment factory projects at standard factory area 2, Hai Ha Seaport Industrial Park (phase 1) of Hoa Loi Dat Garment Vietnam Co., Ltd.

It is known that at present, the Provincial Economic Zone Management Board is actively coordinating with relevant departments and branches to guide BBL Home Holding PTE.,LTD Company to complete the application for a new project investment registration certificate. BBL Home floor slab factory project in Dong Mai Industrial Park; supporting Yen Hung Liquid Port Joint Stock Company in editing and supplementing the application for approval of investment policies and granting investment registration certificates for the construction investment project of Yen Hung liquid cargo port in Dam area. Mac House.