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Synchronize transport infrastructure - Increase inter-regional connectivity




In order to gradually complete a synchronous and modern transport infrastructure system according to the approved planning, contributing to connecting regions and areas, creating new development space, Quang Ninh province spent VND 6,172 billion of the provincial budget to invest Investing in a number of routes in the period 2023-2027. These are vital, driving and key roads, promising to create strong development for the province in the journey ahead.

 Graphical model of a road section of the Project to renovate and upgrade Provincial Road 342, through Ha Long City, provided by the consulting unit.

Inheriting the results achieved in recent times, from the perspective of "transportation infrastructure comes first, paving the way", the 14th Session of the Provincial People's Council, term XIV, passed Resolution No. 150/NQ-HDND (July 12, 2019). 2023) on "Approval of investment policies for a number of public investment projects funded by the provincial budget". Accordingly, there are 4 traffic projects and works implemented in Ha Long City and Dong Trieu Town, with a total investment capital of 6,172 billion VND. Among them, there are 1 group A project and 3 group B projects, with the scale of 2-lane level III mountainous roads.

Specifically: Project to renovate and upgrade Provincial Road 342, section in Ha Long City, route length 30km, total investment of 3,695 billion VND, implementation period 2023-2027; Road project connecting National Highway 279 (Quang Ninh province) to Provincial Road 291 (Bac Giang province), total route length 8.1km, total investment 1,455 billion VND, implementation period 2023-2026; Project to build provincial road 327, section from the provincial gate intersection to the central main road of Dong Trieu town, route length 11.8km, total investment of 666 billion VND, implementation period 2023-2025; Project to renovate and upgrade provincial road 345, total length of 10.8km, total investment of 356 billion VND, implementation period 2023-2025.

According to many voters and people in the area where the project is located, this is the correct policy of the Party, the State, and Quang Ninh province, receiving high consensus and agreement from officials, party members and other stakeholders. people's class. Mr. Vu Quang Hai, Tam Hong village, An Sinh commune (Dong Trieu town), shared: Over the past few days, when hearing the province's policy to invest in provincial road 345 and provincial road 327 through the commune, people were excited. very excited. Investment in these routes will create favorable conditions for people in the area to travel; Goods trade between Dong Trieu and localities in the province is also much convenient...

 The Ben Rung Bridge connecting Quang Ninh - Hai Phong is being urgently deployed, as part of the cooperation program signed between Quang Ninh province and Hai Phong city.

In Ha Long City and Ba Che district, in recent days, officials, party members and people in the area were also very excited to receive information that the project to renovate and upgrade provincial road 342 was implemented. This is a driving and key project that gradually completes a synchronous and modern transportation infrastructure system, creating regional and regional connections from low areas, dynamic areas, and development areas with high areas of Ha Long City. , Ba Che district and Lang Son province; Meet the travel and goods trade needs of people in the area conveniently and safely.

It is known that based on Resolution No. 150/NQ-HDND approving the investment policy of 4 projects, the Provincial People's Committee will update local planning and land use plans; Calculate the scope, scale, construction solutions and total investment in the project approval step to ensure savings and efficiency; Carefully review the land area, land types, and forest areas occupied to serve the construction of main and auxiliary works, minimizing waste of land resources and generating large amounts of land. , site clearance costs.

In particular, based on the recommendations of the Economic - Budget Committee of the Provincial People's Council, the Provincial People's Committee commits to selecting a capable survey, design, project planning, and bidding planning consulting unit, ensuring investment capital ratio according to regulations during the investment preparation stage, do not allow the situation of making estimates incorrectly with norms, unit prices, or making bidding plans not in accordance with the prescribed content and order, leading to having to Doing it over and over again causes length of time in preparing design documents and estimates; Select qualified contractors to carry out the bidding package in accordance with the provisions of law.

Surely, when these projects are completed, they will contribute to perfecting transportation infrastructure connecting with neighboring provinces, narrowing regional gaps within the province, meeting travel needs, and exploiting economic advantages. natural resources, developing community tourism, goods trade, logistics in the region, expanding urban space for Ha Long City and Dong Trieu Town, improving the quality of life of people in ethnic minority areas minority in the spirit of the Resolution of the 15th Provincial Party Congress and concretizing the province's development orientation according to Quang Ninh Provincial Planning for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2040.

Manh Truong BQN