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Taking the needs of audiences, listeners and readers as the foundation in digital transformation


Digital transformation is the current inevitable trend taking place in all areas of socio-economic life. Newspapers and media are one of the fields that always respond sensitively to all changes in society, so it cannot be out of that trend. For Quang Ninh, the press in general and the Provincial Media Center (a pioneer in the country merging 4 local press agencies) in particular, despite many difficulties and challenges, soon caught up. Industry 4.0 trend to have "strategies" to meet the requirements of audiences, listeners and readers. On the occasion of the 97th anniversary of the Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day (June 21, 1925-2022), a reporter from the Provincial Media Center had a conversation with the Chairman of the Quang Ninh Journalists Association, Director, Editor-in-Chief of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Media Center Mai Vu Tuan (photo) about this content.

- In order to meet the requirements of the press in the digital age, over the past time, Quang Ninh press in general, especially the Provincial Media Center in particular, has actively carried out digital transformation in association with building infrastructure. multimedia press agency, can you tell us the main results in implementing this content?

+ Digital transformation is the process of applying information technology to change working methods, in order to create a new productivity and efficiency. The press in general, including the Quang Ninh press, must be the pioneering force, taking the lead in this work, because the nature of the press is to always seek to bring new values to life.

The issue of digital transformation in the field of journalism has been paid great attention by Quang Ninh province and identified as one of the pioneering fields in the province's comprehensive digital transformation project in the spirit of Resolution 09 of the Party Executive Committee. provincial ministry for the 2020-2025 term.

Since 2019, Quang Ninh has established the Provincial Media Center on the basis of merging the provincial press and information agencies. effective. Accordingly, the Center has actively promoted the application of digital technology to innovate the model, the way of operation, production and distribution of content in the direction of optimizing the organizational model towards the press public. Most reporters actively work in multimedia, information is shared through a shared data system, products are distributed across multiple platforms...