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The Government issued a Resolution on solutions to remove difficulties for production and business




The Government issued Resolution 105/NQ-CP on tasks and solutions to remove difficulties for production and business, continue to promote administrative procedure reform, and tighten discipline.

 Reduce costs, increase market access, and access capital for businesses and people, to quickly restore production and business activities.

In the remaining months of 2023, the Government requires ministries, central agencies and localities to drastically and effectively implement Resolutions and Conclusions of the Party, National Assembly, Government, and directions of the Prime Minister. Government; rectify and strengthen administrative discipline and discipline; Proactive, flexible and effective in directing, operating and organizing the implementation of assigned tasks.

Further promote the functions, tasks and powers of each ministry, agency and locality, especially the leader in directing and implementing according to authority, advising and promptly and effectively proposing tasks. Urgent services and solutions in the immediate, medium and long term to remove difficulties for production and business, continue to promote reform of administrative procedures, tighten discipline to overcome difficulties and limitations. mechanisms, take advantage of opportunities, take advantage of opportunities, promote rapid and sustainable socio-economic recovery and development.

The goal of the Resolution is to reduce costs, increase market access, and access capital for businesses and people, to quickly restore production and business activities, and strive to achieve the highest economic growth results. The main goals and targets for 2023 have been set out in Resolution No. 68/2022/QH15 of the National Assembly and Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP of the Government.

Drastically reform synchronously, effectively, and substantially administrative procedures; Achieving and exceeding targets on administrative reform and e-Government building in Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP of the Government. Improve the business investment environment, ensure healthy competition, equality and transparency; Basic handling of difficulties and legal problems for businesses, investment projects, and people, especially outstanding issues and problems that have lasted for many years.

Strictly implement administrative discipline and discipline and improve effectiveness and efficiency in management, direction and administration of the administrative system, all levels, branches and localities.

5 tasks and solutions

To achieve the above goal, the Government has proposed 5 key tasks and solutions including:

1- Promote domestic consumption and boost exports.

2- Promote disbursement of public investment capital; Promote investment of non-state economic sectors and state-owned enterprises, attract FDI capital associated with the development of new industries and fields, innovation, advanced technology, and environmental friendliness , creating new growth momentum for the economy.

3- Support cash flow, reduce costs and increase access to capital for businesses and people.

4- Promote reform of administrative procedures and improve the business investment environment.

5- Tighten administrative discipline and discipline and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of direction and administration; Resolutely overcome the situation of pushing and avoiding responsibility in solving work.

Operate proactive, flexible and appropriately loosening monetary policy tools

In particular, the Government requests the State Bank of Vietnam to preside over and coordinate with ministries and agencies to proactively, flexibly, and loosen appropriate, timely, and effective monetary policy tools to create liquidity conditions for credit institutions, support the stabilization of deposit interest rates in accordance with the market situation, especially at the end of the year when capital mobilization with high interest rates in the last months 2022, early 2023 until payment deadline; Implement appropriate operating solutions and direct the credit institution system to save operating costs, enhance digital transformation, and apply information technology to continue reducing interest rates, especially Reduce lending interest rates (strive to reduce by at least 1.5-2%) research and apply to both new and outstanding loans.

Determine the credit growth limit appropriate to the actual situation (about 13-15% for the whole year, in favorable cases it can be increased higher) and immediately announce it using appropriate and effective measures and forms. Credit growth targets for commercial banks until the end of 2023, ensuring to meet the credit capital needs of the economy; Pay attention to real estate credit and production and business credit to support the market, contributing to restoring and easing the flow of investment and business capital for the economy.

Continue to drastically take stronger measures according to your authority to promote the implementation of interest rate support policies from the state budget for loans from enterprises, cooperatives, and business households according to Decree 31/ 2022/ND-CP dated May 20, 2022 of the Government; Closely monitor the implementation situation, promptly report to competent authorities on issues beyond authority to promote implementation; Require credit institutions to strengthen information and communication work, guide and explain clear and transparent policies to customers and beneficiaries.

Continue to review the 120,000 billion VND credit package borrowed under the Loan Program for social housing, worker housing, renovation and rebuilding of old apartments according to Resolution 33/NQ-CP dated March 11, 2023 of the Government. The Government with timely, favorable, open, flexible, feasible and more reasonable lending conditions.

Timely and effective deployment of credit concentration solutions for priority areas, production and business sectors and growth drivers, promptly meeting the capital needs of people and businesses. Urgently propose a credit package of 10,000 billion VND to support businesses in the forestry and fisheries production and processing industries and appropriate credit packages to support other necessary fields.

In July 2023, submit to the Prime Minister to issue a Decision to reduce 30% of land rent in 2023.

The Ministry of Finance presides over and coordinates with ministries, agencies and localities to effectively implement policies to extend and reduce taxes, fees, charges and land rent that have been promulgated; continue to research and propose fiscal support policies and solutions that do not affect the safety of public debt, government debt, and the country's foreign debt associated with effective capital use.

Urgently operate a separate corporate bond trading floor in July 2023; Closely monitor the maturity situation, debt repayment, negotiate to extend the debt repayment period of each enterprise, and have timely and appropriate solutions; Enhance timely information and communication to maintain market and investor sentiment.

In October 2023, preside over and coordinate with relevant ministries and branches to report to the Government on the implementation of Decree No. 65/2022/ND-CP dated September 16, 2022 and Decree No. 08/2023 /ND-CP dated March 5, 2023 of the Government, proposing to amend and supplement regulations on private bond offering and trading (if necessary) to suit the situation and practical requirements.

Urgently review legal regulations to amend and guide when necessary, create favorable conditions, quick and compact procedures for businesses, and ensure the fastest value-added tax refund time for businesses. Karma.

Calculate the level, duration, form and method of capital mobilization and issuance of government bonds in accordance with the progress of revenue, expenditure and disbursement of public investment capital to stimulate economic growth and ensure efficiency. use of loan capital, ability to repay loans and stabilize, safe and sustainable national finances.

In July 2023, submit to the Prime Minister to issue a Decision to reduce 30% of land rent in 2023 for organizations, units, businesses, households, and individuals that are directly leasing land from the State under Decision or Contract or Certificate of land use rights, ownership of housing and other assets attached to land from a competent state agency in the form of land lease with annual payment.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade focuses on reviewing, guiding, and soon licensing electricity operations for qualified renewable energy power projects to soon put these projects into operation; Review and complete regulations on buying and selling electricity, direct Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) to strengthen coordination, speed up negotiation progress, and unify temporary electricity prices with renewable energy projects. create.

Research and reduce union fees from 2% to 1%

The Ministry of Planning and Investment in August 2023, urgently submit to the Government to promulgate a Decree amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree No. 39/2019/ND-CP dated May 10, 2019 of the Government on organization and operation of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund; instruct the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund to review lending interest rates according to regulations on the Fund's operations and apply a 2% reduction in direct and indirect lending interest rates for small and medium enterprises from the Fund's capital sources. Fund.

The Ministry of Finance, ministries, agencies and localities focus on directing and removing legal obstacles and improving the efficiency of exploitation and use of off-budget state financial funds allocated by ministries, agencies and localities. manage.

The Government proposed that the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor research and reduce union fees from 2% to 1% and extend the deadline for payment of fees in 2023; Research to continue implementing until the end of 2023 policies to support trade union members and workers whose working hours are reduced or labor contracts terminated due to businesses being laid off or reducing orders according to the Resolution No. 06/NQ-DCT dated January 16, 2023, Decision No. 6696/QD-TLD dated January 16, 2023 of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.

Replace or transfer to another job for cadres and civil servants who have weak capacity, do not dare to do things, avoid or push them

The Ministry of Home Affairs shall preside over and coordinate with ministries, agencies and localities to urgently complete and submit to competent authorities for consideration regulations on encouraging and protecting dynamic, creative, daring to think and do officials. , dare to take responsibility for the common good; Take measures to deal with cadres, civil servants, and public employees who are still hesitant, pushy, and avoid responsibility.

Ministries, agencies and localities:

- Thoroughly grasp and strictly implement Official Telegram No. 280/CD-TTg dated April 19, 2023 of the Prime Minister; Proactively and actively perform fully assigned tasks and powers; do not submit to superiors and are responsible for deciding issues that fall within their authority or are decentralized or authorized according to the provisions of law.

- Strictly comply and implement the direction and administration of the Government and the Prime Minister, do not push, to prolong work, miss opportunities and opportunities to solve and support businesses and people. , promoting production and business, causing waste of resources.

- Promptly review, replace or transfer to other jobs cadres and civil servants with weak capacity, who do not dare to work, who avoid, push, are irresponsible, stagnant and do not meet public requirements. work assigned by competent authorities.

- Praise and reward promptly and appropriately agencies, collectives, officials and civil servants who are determined to perform public duties, complete tasks well, dare to think, dare to do, and dare to take responsibility for mutual benefit.

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