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 High-quality ships are ready to serve visitors to Co To. Photo: Hoang Phuong (Co To Cultural Center)

Van Don is always an attractive destination for tourists in the summer. Currently, the district has 176 tourist accommodation establishments with the number of nearly 2,250 rooms and about 100 restaurants and eateries. To ensure the best conditions to welcome guests during peak occasions, especially in the summer of this year, all facilities have been invested in repairing, upgrading, improving rooms, improving service quality. service. Along with that, the units have installed additional safety conditions for fire and explosion prevention; signed with authorities to ensure food hygiene and safety and publicly posted prices of services, meals and types of seafood in accordance with regulations. Up to now, most of these facilities have been granted certificates of safety facilities in fire prevention and fighting and prevention of Covid-19.

 Hostel facilities on Minh Chau island (Van Don) are invested, serving the maximum needs of visitors.

Mr. Hoang Dinh Anh, owner of Minh Chau Beach Resort, said: Minh Chau Beach Resort hotel system currently has 42 rooms, ensuring to serve 140 guests. At the end of May 2022, the hotel will complete the investment and put into operation 12 more rooms. In addition to service, the hotel also serves meals with lunch and dinner meals with all kinds of seafood of Van Don island waters, birthday events, campfires. Currently, all preparations of the hotel have been completed, ready to welcome guests this summer.

In addition, transportation services with about 95 ships of all kinds have been repaired, upgraded and improved to serve the needs of tourists traveling to the island routes. The means of transport are inspected and evaluated by the functional sector for the quality and safety of service on each journey and have a commitment to guarantee the fare, not to carry more than the number of people as prescribed.

Along with Van Don, Co To is also an attractive destination chosen by many tourists, during the peak period such as the holiday season 30/4-1/5, motels, hotels, and homestays in the district are all booked. Private room. In order to obtain these results, besides promoting the available potential advantages of the locality, in recent years, the district has also focused on information, propaganda and promotion through many forms. Typically, taking advantage of social networks to promote and develop Co To tourism in the digital era; develop Co To tourism publications in 2022; develop video clips to promote and stimulate Co To tourism; organize programs of safe travel experiences according to themes, culinary experiences to organize live livestream on OBS platform to introduce Co To tourism; organize contests to introduce and promote Co To tourism images on social networking sites.

 The tug-of-war activity in the Culture - Tourism Week 2022 in Hai Ha attracts a large number of people and tourists. Photo: Tran Trinh (Center of Culture and Information of Hai Ha district).

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thai, Head of Culture and Information Department of Co To district, said: Towards the goal of "Safety, friendliness, quality and attractiveness", Co To district also implemented a number of enhancement solutions. State management of tourism in the area, organizing the implementation and control of tourism activities, stepping up inspection and inspection activities on security and order, environmental sanitation, food safety, and food safety. decide to eliminate the problem of enticing, stalking and forcing tourists; mobilize people to be self-conscious and actively build safe and friendly destinations.

Not only the two key tourist destinations of Van Don and Co To islands, other localities also actively exploit coastal strengths, launching attractive tourism stimulus events and programs. Like Hai Ha district, this year has organized a series of tourism promotion activities. Typically, the 2022 Culture - Tourism Week will be held from April 19 to May 7, with the event "Cai Chien welcomes summer 2022", taking place at Dau Rong beach, Cai Chien island and every street. A variety of sports competitions such as tug of war, sailing, and air volleyball also take place here.

 Visitors enjoy participating in the experience program "One day as a fisherman" at Tra Co beach (Mong Cai city).

Besides, Hai Ha's tourism products are also focused on meeting safety criteria. According to Mr. Bui Van Chai, Deputy Head of the District Information and Culture Department, Hai Ha has actively implemented the no-touch tourism plan, by registering information and services, booking tours, and doing hotel procedures. , restaurants, service tickets... through the internet to minimize contact when moving, relaxing and experiencing. From there, helping tourists to travel safely and with peace of mind when experiencing all the local tourism products. Hai Ha district also built a Hai Ha tourism website and a hotline to serve tourists when they need to find out information about Hai Ha tourism before coming to experience.

Or like Mong Cai city, nown owns beautiful natural attractions such as: Tra Co Beach with 17km long fine sand from Nui Ngoc to Sa Vi headland; Da Den - Binh Ngoc beach is wild and poetic; Dau Dong beach; the island region of Vinh Thuc - Vinh Trung is rich; Diversified marine ecosystem... In order to make the most of this tourism potential, Mong Cai City has focused its resources on completing infrastructure, renovating and embellishing urban areas, green tree systems, and improving quality. organizing traditional festivals, promoting the efficiency of tourist routes. In particular, promoting investment in Tra Co National Tourist Area, synchronously implementing important projects to create highlights for the tourism industry.

In the long term, the city actively implements tasks and solutions for tourism development and Tra Co national tourist area; pilot plan to welcome and serve international tourists to Mong Cai. At the same time, complete the products of the Project on Tourism Development of Mong Cai City to 2025, with orientation to 2030... From there, creating a sea and island tourism ecosystem that is attractive to tourists but still ensures conservation natural values, towards sustainable development.