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The "key" for Quang Ninh to maintain the PCI champion position


For the fourth time in a row, the first place on the PCI Provincial Competitiveness Index ranking is Quang Ninh. What is the "key" for Quang Ninh to rise and maintain this position for many years?

At the announcement ceremony of the PCI 2020 Provincial Competitiveness Index Report in the morning of April 15, Quang Ninh province once again topped the rankings, surpassing Dong Thap and Long An. This is the 4th year in a row that this province has won the "king" and for the 8th year in a row ranked in the top 5 provinces and cities with the best economic management quality in the country. Notably, Quang Ninh's PCI overall score in 2020 is 75.09, which is the only locality with a score above 75, the component indexes have improved dramatically such as market entry costs, land access, time costs, Business support services...

To get this result, Quang Ninh strongly reformed administrative procedures, which is considered one of the important breakthroughs. In 2012, Quang Ninh was the first province to pilot the model of Public Administration Centers at provincial and district levels, gradually modernizing public administration, improving the quality of public services to serve people and businesses. The processing time in the public administration sector is reduced by 40-60%, with procedures reducing the time by over 70% compared to regulations. Quang Ninh province established the Investment Promotion Agency under the Provincial People's Committee, directly supporting investors.

The public administrative center at all levels is a breakthrough in administrative procedure reform in the province.

Mr. Dao Phong Truc Dai, General Director of Viet Hung Industrial Park Development Joint Stock Company, representative of the investor in the automotive auxiliary industry complex project in Quang Ninh commented: “We have implemented an investment project in Quang Ninh. many provinces and cities, but this is the first time we have completed the procedures to be granted the investment certificate of the project within 24 hours, which is really impressive."

Currently, the province has provided online public services in which 3-4 levels having 85%, non-cash fee payment, interconnection with the National Public Service Portal; is one of the first provinces to pilot the Smart City Operation Center...

The foundation of Quang Ninh's reform is the human factor. Actively and drastically reorganizing the political system apparatus, operating effectively and efficiently; the spirit of being progressive, listening to the voices of investors and businesses from provincial leaders to each locality helps Quang Ninh become a "magnet" to attract domestic and international strategic investors.

Mr. Dao Duy Hao, Standing Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh Business Association highly appreciated the efforts of the government in the context of the recent epidemic: "It is from the encouragement to businesses that help overcome difficulties. During the Covid-19 pandemic, government leaders held in-depth conferences, went directly to grasp business operations, business coffee models and promptly solved difficulties. Projects are publicly announced, businesses can follow, we highly appreciate transparency."

The survey of the Provincial Competitiveness Index (DDCI) helps Quang Ninh instill reform at the grassroots.

The bold implementation of the public-private partnership model with the motto "taking public investment to lead private investment", "1 dong of state budget capital attracts 8-9 dong of private capital" in public investment projects such as airports, seaports, and highways have contributed to helping Quang Ninh complete synchronous infrastructure, innovate its growth model, and restructure the economy. In order to "spread the fire of reform" down to the grassroots level, Quang Ninh persistently and methodically deployed the survey and published the DDCI Departmental, Sectoral and District Competitiveness Index.

“These are great efforts of the locality to evaluate and promote the implementation of departments, branches and localities. Quang Ninh chose the goal of building and evaluating the DDCI Index, which in my opinion is a very appropriate step to meet the needs of reality," said Mr. Dau Anh Tuan, Head of VCCI's Legal Department.

For the fourth year in a row topping the list, the pressure to maintain the throne with Quang Ninh is not slight.

“The problem is how Quang Ninh can keep the top position, surpassing itself. Recognizing the importance of PCI in socio-economic development, the Resolution of the 15th Quang Ninh Provincial Party Congress, term 2020 - 2025, has set the target of "annually maintaining the top position of the top group in the world in terms of PCI, PAR Index, SIPAS, PAPI indexes". This is the first time these indicators have been included as an important indicator in the Resolution of the Provincial Party Congress," said Mr. Nguyen Tuong Van, Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee.

Quang Ninh has now developed a project with key tasks, focusing on promoting administrative reform, improving the business investment environment, and improving its fair, attractive and open competitiveness on the basis of the strong application of information technology in management and administration. There is still a lot of room to improve the indexes, and the pressure to maintain the leading position is also the driving force for Quang Ninh to continue its relentless efforts on the PCI track in the coming years.