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The entire breeding process at the project is applied 100% high technology according to international standards. The project's farm system will be operated and monitored according to 4.0 technology, modern equipment for the farm, along with the development of advanced machinery and technology, contributing to improving livestock productivity, ensure traceability, and improve the quality of clean meat, while reducing energy consumption and operating costs, bringing stability and sustainability to the farm.

The Netherlands and Vietnam are two countries with a tradition of agricultural production and a developed economy based on agriculture. However, the way for the Netherlands to become the world's second largest food exporter when building high-tech agriculture is an experience for many countries, including Vietnam.

The Netherlands, despite being a country with a small natural land area, limited agricultural land, is a country that is likened to "feeding the world". The Dutch self-discovery, know how to take advantage of resources and the world market to constantly innovate the economic structure in the direction of optimization, creating agricultural achievements.

The way the Netherlands has become the second largest food exporter in the world despite its smaller area than Vietnam is a clear proof that natural resources are not the biggest challenge for the agricultural industry, but a strategic planning is needed. rationally, applying science and technology to increase production.

With a leading agricultural development in the world, the Netherlands is also the cradle of many agribusinesses with a wealth of business philosophy and in-depth knowledge in the field of high-tech agriculture, including: De Heus Corporation. Since its founding, with more than 100 years of experience in providing advanced solutions for animal feed and animal nutrition, De Heus now owns more than 90 feed factories. Globally, the product is present in more than 75 countries and territories and is one of the Top 15 largest animal feed manufacturers worldwide.

Present in Vietnam since the end of 2008, until now, De Heus owns 22 feed mills and one premix factory, equipped with leading advanced automation technology lines, which are monitored for transportation. Manufactured by international experts according to ISO 22000 and Global G.A.P standards. After more than a decade of building and affirming its brand position, De Heus is now one of the largest independent feed manufacturers in the country.