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The province's key projects accelerate to the finish line



Responding to the peak emulation period to create achievements to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the province's founding on October 30 (1963-2023), the province's key projects are being accelerated to speed up the progress of items.

 The investor and the contractors of the project to upgrade and expand Quang Ninh Lung Hospital signed a commitment to compete for 200 days and nights to complete the project.

After nearly 2 years of construction, up to now, the Quang Ninh Center for Disease Control (CDC) Project Cluster in Hong Hai Ward (Ha Long City) has basically completed the main construction items. The contractor is focusing on implementing the construction and installation of specialized equipment to be ready to hand over to the management unit and put it into operation and use.

The CDC project is designed on an 8-storey block, with a total usable area of nearly 12,000m2 , and is the workplace of more than 200 CDC Quang Ninh staff and laborers with 16 departments and rooms. Departments and functional rooms are arranged separately on each floor with equipment and medical gas supply systems that are synchronously and interconnectedly connected, meeting the requirements of treatment, preservation, storage, analysis, Specimen testing is convenient and safe. The project plays a particularly important role in improving the quality of disease detection and control, enhancing solutions to ensure people's health...

To ensure completion progress on the occasion of the province's founding anniversary, from the beginning of this year, the investor and contractors have permanently mobilized over 300 officials and workers to be present on the construction site, organizing competitions. work in many categories at the same time. At the same time, proactively order equipment and materials, ready to gather at the construction site to organize continuous construction, without interruption due to lack of equipment and materials. Supervision work is permanent at the site to immediately carry out acceptance of completed items, promptly detect arising problems and report to the investor to organize solutions.

Similarly, at the Quang Ninh Lung Hospital upgrade and expansion project, the investor and contractors launched a competition of 200 days and nights to complete the construction and upgrade of the project. The construction atmosphere on the construction site is always exciting. Not only competition between contractors, but also within teams and groups within the same contractor, there are also different forms of competition to increase productivity and work progress with many effectively applied improvement solutions.

Up to now, the newly built 11-storey technical, professional, treatment and nutrition building is currently entering the completion stage; The newly built 5-storey public service building block is currently completed; Construction of the pond renovation project has been completed... As for the two equipment bidding packages, contractor selection has been organized and procurement and installation are underway, expected to be completed in October 2023, to officially put the project into operation. This is not only a typical emulation project to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the province's founding but also has special meaning as it contributes to improving the quality of treatment for patients; Workers in the province enjoy high quality medical services right in their home province. At the same time, the goal is for Quang Ninh to become a national and regional lung specialist center, attracting good doctors and high-quality medical human resources.


Currently, the competitive atmosphere is also very urgent at the construction of Green Ha Long intersection, Cua Luc 3 bridge and renovation and upgrading of provincial road 342 and other key traffic projects. After the difficulties in land, backfill, subsidence treatment... were resolved, with the active direction of the Provincial People's Committee and the spirit of emulation towards the province's big holiday, projects are currently focusing on increasing speed with determination to reach the finish line in 2023.

At the green Ha Long intersection, the highway overpass has been completed, the road cement piles have been constructed, soil replacement for branch routes has been excavated, and the road surface is currently being completed and asphalted. Cua Luc 3 bridge project has also completed the main bridge construction, the bridge section will have the final beam installed in August 2023 to officially open the entire technical route, connecting the two banks of Dien Vong River (Cua Luc Bay). , adding a new span connecting Ha Long City areas. Particularly for Provincial Road 342, which will start construction in early 2023, connecting Ha Long City with Ba Che district, 20.9km long, due to large road foundation excavation work, complicated regional weather developments, and heavy rain, construction work will be delayed. work is difficult. However, the investor and contractors have established specific schedules for each item, proposed solutions to cope with the weather, and are determined to ensure progress according to plan.

It can be seen that the construction atmosphere on key project sites is very urgent. Investors and contractors not only closely follow and ensure project completion progress according to plan, but emulation movements are widely deployed with many solutions to improve quality, speed up progress, creating a new atmosphere and motivation towards the 60th anniversary of the founding of Quang Ninh province. Importantly, the projects will contribute to the province's growth, serve the people, attract investment and synchronize infrastructure in all areas.

Do Phuong