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Entering the next stage when the Covid-19 epidemic is basically under control; the world and regional economies have recovered; especially the current context has changed a lot, the province has many new works and projects, forming development space, land fund for logistics services; The position in regional linkages is enhanced... requires Quang Ninh to reposition its potentials, advantages and challenges after 3 years of implementing Resolution No. 15-NQ/TU.

In addition to the achieved results, there are still some shortcomings, such as the proactive spirit of port enterprises that has not really been promoted in researching and researching solutions to improve competitiveness, attract investment, and improve competitiveness. new merchandise. The task of branding and positioning Quang Ninh seaport brand to international markets has not yet brought about clear results. The investment and upgrading of seaport infrastructure still depends on the state budget; wharves and seaports have not brought into full play their exploitation capacity; There are not many solutions for linking, consuming, forwarding and transporting goods from provinces through Quang Ninh seaport...

 Cargo handling activities at Con Ong - Hon Net port area (Cam Pha city).

The objective of Resolution No. 15-NQ/TU in the period of 2019-2025 is to focus on developing passenger and cargo port services, expanding seaport infrastructure, especially the post-port logistics service area; Maritime activities aim to achieve double-digit cargo growth, strongly develop the marine economy, build Quang Ninh as one of the marine economic centers, the transshipment gateway of Southeast Asia, the driving force behind the development of the maritime economy. regional and national development.

Therefore, right after entering the new normal phase, international maritime activities are resumed, Quang Ninh's ports need to implement synchronous solutions to stimulate cargo demand; continue to improve the quality and service of seaports, improve management capacity, and maximize the capacity of effective ports. In particular, speeding up the investment progress of the general port project; develop cargo handling services at the anchorage, transshipment and warehousing services for general cargo; building logistics centers to promote the attraction of goods services inside and outside the province through the port.

 Perspective of Van Ninh General Port (Mong Cai City).

Simultaneously, continue researching and promulgating strong enough mechanisms and policies of the province to attract investment in EZs, creating a source of goods for shipping lines to handle goods at ports of Quang Ninh; attracting and calling for financial groups and banks to open branches and representative offices in Quang Ninh. At the same time, calling for businesses with experience, financial capacity and ideas to synchronously invest in seaport systems, logistics logistics, business in a variety of services according to international standards; continue to deploy solutions to promote the brand and position the brand of Quang Ninh seaport system to major shipping lines and seaport service providers in the world.

In order to prepare for the new development trend, to exploit the advantages and potentials in the trend of global mobility, it is necessary to pay attention to training and developing human resources of seaports; deploying combined transport solutions, in order to save freight, support businesses to increase capital turnover, reduce empty running time, enhance control of fuel, spare parts, supplies, repair costs cure...

Solutions and bottlenecks need to be removed and done immediately, so that Quang Ninh's advantages of location and shipping capacity can be exploited to the right extent, in line with the inevitable trend in shipping. cheap goods in the world today. This contributes to making Quang Ninh become one of the marine economic centers, the transshipment gateway of Southeast Asia, the driving force for the development of the region and the whole country.