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Tien Yen discusses solutions to support investors


On April 27, Tien Yen district coordinated with the Provincial Investment Promotion Agency to hold a conference to discuss solutions and support for investors in project implementation in the district.

The working session

With its location as the center of the northeastern region of the province, along with the Van Don - Tien Yen expressway and Van Tien bridge under construction, Tien Yen has had many investors inside and outside the province interested in researching and finding investment opportunities.

At the meeting, a number of businesses and corporations such as; TH Group; Flamingo Joint Stock Company; NHS Construction Joint Stock Company; Viet Dung Construction Company; Quang Ninh Environmental Company... has proposed to research and implement 16 projects in the fields of agriculture, tourism and some other fields in Tien Yen district. In which, a number of projects have been approved by the province for research and general planning, however, the progress of implementation has not met the requirements set forth.

In order to promptly remove obstacles and support investors to implement the project, based on the suggestions of corporations and businesses, representatives of the Provincial Investment Promotion Agency and departments and agencies request Tien Yen district, together with the consulting unit to speed up the progress of completing the general planning at the rate of 1/500 and submit it to the Provincial People's Committee for approval. At the same time, review the entire area and current land use status for the projects as proposed by the investor.

The representative of the general planning consulting unit of Tien Yen district spoke at the conference.

Tien Yen District wants the Investment Promotion Agency; departments and branches guide enterprises on the order and process of project implementation. For investors, it is necessary to study and edit the project planning to meet the requirements at the rate of 1/500 to match the general planning of the district after being approved by the Provincial People's Committee.

Tien Yen district is committed to creating the best conditions and environment for investors to have the opportunity to approach the project investment in order to deploy it most effectively when investing in Tien Yen district.

Xuan Thao (Tien Yen Center for Information and Culture)