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Tien Yen: Upgrading transport infrastructure, creating motivation for development and attracting investment




Concretizing the province's theme of "Improving the efficiency of investment attraction and the quality of people's lives", in 2023, Tien Yen district has determined the work theme: "Upgrading transport infrastructure; Improve the quality and ranking of PAR INDEX, SIPAS, DGI, DDCI and ICT Indexes. Regarding the task of upgrading transport infrastructure, the district has directed drastically, focusing on solving weak and difficult stages, creating a breakthrough and bringing the locality to comprehensive growth.

 The road connecting Dai Duc commune center to the old Dai Thanh commune center (Tien Yen district) was started in 2021 and up to now, it has been basically completed.

Impressions from motivational works

In order for traffic infrastructure to develop synchronously, creating connections between communes and creating safety and convenience for people, in recent times, Tien Yen district has accelerated the construction of key traffic projects to put into exploitation and use as soon as possible. Typically, we must mention the construction, expansion, upgrading, and alignment of the road connecting Dai Duc Commune Center to the old Dai Thanh Commune Center, which started in 2021 and has been basically completed up to now. With a total investment of over 150 billion VND from provincial capital, this road has a width of 3.5m and a design speed of 30km/h.

Mr. Hoang Viet Tung, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the People's Committee of Dai Duc commune (Tien Yen district) said: The old Dai Thanh commune merged into Dai Duc commune at the end of 2019. However, after the merger, traffic has improved. It is still very difficult for the people because the road from the old Dai Thanh commune to Dai Duc and vice versa has many roads with many dangerous curves and steep slopes, about 20 kilometers long. Meanwhile, with this route, it only takes 7km for people to get there. It can be said that the route has met the expectations of all local people. This is an opportunity for people to develop their economy and circulate safely, thereby creating development space for Dai Duc commune after the merger.

Along with the construction, expansion, upgrading, and alignment of the road connecting Dai Duc commune center to the old Dai Thanh commune center, in recent times, there have been many construction projects in the district's communes and towns. Invested and put into operation, it quickly promoted effectiveness, promoting local socio-economic development, creating a new look for transport infrastructure in a modern - convenient - effective direction. and safe. For example, the following projects are: Upgrading the road from Khe Lac village, Dai Duc commune to Huc Dong commune (Binh Lieu district), progress is 85%, being urgently completed in August; The road connecting Que Son village to Dong Moc village, Dong Ngu commune (Tien Yen district), has been completed; Expanding concrete pouring of the road from the intersection of Mr. Ngo Van Hung's house, Thuong village to Mieu Co area, Thuong village, Dong Rui commune (Tien Yen district), progress is 70%, expected to be completed in November 2023...