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Tighten management of multi-level business activities


Business by the method of multi-level sale is a conditional business line as prescribed by law. However, illegal multi-level business activities in the form of profit from recruiting new members are still "creeping" in some localities. Over the past time, the Department of Industry and Trade has stepped up measures to manage multi-level sales activities in the area, especially for multi-level variables.

To raise people's awareness about multi-level business activities and deformed multi-level forms, taking advantage of the multi-level business model to carry out illegal and fraudulent financial mobilization activities. , appropriation of property. The Department of Industry and Trade organized a survey of 7,000 survey questionnaires in 13/13 districts, towns and cities in the province. The survey results show that the effectiveness of propaganda on this content in recent years is still limited, most of the people still lack understanding about business activities in the multi-level mode, the percentage of people completely do not know about it. know about business activities by multi-level method, accounting for 43.2%. The survey subjects are people with low educational attainment, living in rural, remote, border and island areas.

In order to improve people's understanding of multi-level selling activities, the Department of Industry and Trade has oriented the forms of propaganda and information to the people to be carried out regularly, widely, diversely and flexibly; deploy the focus, focus on groups of students, women, the elderly, people in rural, remote areas, ethnic minority areas... those who are easily taken advantage of. , entice, seduce, defraud to engage in illegal multi-level selling activities.