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TKV: Good news from coal consumption at the beginning of the year


To meet the coal consumption demand of the market, right from the first days, the first month of 2023, units of the Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group (TKV) have boosted coal production and consumption. The good signs of coal consumption at the beginning of the year, signaling the start of a new coal season will be exciting, opening many expectations in the production and business activities of TKV in 2023.


The Viet Thuan Star ship "broke the port" and received over 41,000 tons of coal for consumption on the first day of the year of the Rabbit year 2023.

At 9:00 am on the 1st day of the Lunar New Year, at the main port and the transshipment area of Cam Pha port, 41,300 tons of coal bran 6A.1 were poured into the Viet Thuan Star ship under the consumption contract for Vinh Tan 1 Thermal Power Co., Ltd. This is the ship that "storms" Cam Pha port to receive the first tons of coal consumed in the New Year of the Rabbit. The organization of loading and unloading the first tons of coal for consumption on the first day of the New Year's Day of the Lunar New Year 2023 is of great significance, opening the way for coal consumption to be facilitated to successfully complete the production plan and coal consumption of TKV, together with Quang Ninh province, achieved the highest targets set out in 2023.

And at Dien Cong and Ben Can ports, on January 25, (ie the 4th day of the Lunar New Year), Da Bac Logistics Company organized a loading and unloading operation, consuming 47,499 tons of coal to supply to customers under contract. In 3 days from January 25 to January 27 (April 4-6, Tet) alone, the company has stored 93,738 tons of coal; consumed 126,368 tons of coal. In 2023, Da Bac Logistics Company aims to consume more than 11.8 million tons of coal. In order to soon achieve this goal, right from the first months of the new year, the Company has closely followed the Group's management, proactively consuming solutions to meet customers' needs, especially coal for electricity production... Today, taking advantage of favorable weather conditions, the Company accelerates the import of coal from the mines and builds a suitable plan to mix imported coal and deliver to customers, ensuring sufficient quantity and types.

Before the demand for coal consumption increased sharply, right after the Lunar New Year, many units of TKV held a military launch ceremony at the beginning of the year, such as: Cao Son Coal Joint Stock Company, Coc Sau Coal Joint Stock Company (all launched military operations). 4th day of Tet). On January 27 (the 6th of Tet), all units in the Group simultaneously launched production at the beginning of the year. The rate of mobilizing human resources back in the first days of the new year for the whole Group reached an average of 80-85%.

Currently, companies are taking advantage of favorable weather conditions, mobilizing maximum human resources, machinery and equipment for coal production, transportation and consumption for customers in accordance with the Group's operating plan. The maximum mobilization of human resources for production is helping TKV to boost production and business right from the beginning of the new year. In 2023, TKV aims to produce nearly 40 million tons of coal; coal consumption reached 46.5 million tons; revenue strives to reach 168,000 billion dong, up 2% compared to 2022. In January 2023, the Group produced 2.6 million tons of raw coal and consumed 3.8 million tons of coal.

Mr. Dang Thanh Hai, General Director of TKV, said: To achieve the above goal, in the coming time, TKV will deploy solutions for each unit to carry out stable production and business, ensuring sufficient supply. coal for partners under long-term contracts signed. At the same time, be proactive and flexible in coal production and consumption under the model of "Coal production and trade" with the motto of both exporting coal and importing coal in the direction of producing maximum quality coal. High; fully exploiting the Group's advantages in mixing imported coal and domestically produced coal to supply to households. The Group continues to prioritize innovation, creativity, application of new advanced and modern technologies, maximally exploiting the added value chain based on coal-mineral production in order to increase the useful working time of employees. labor, increase competitiveness, save costs, ensure safety in production labor, environmental safety, improve working conditions and welfare for employees; promote investment, prepare resources to be ready for projects at the end of the capital construction phase. At the same time, develop a schedule to implement plans to go deep into underground mines to maintain coal mining output as planned.