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To accompany the business


Faced with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the drasticness of the whole political system; the efforts and close coordination of all levels, branches and localities in the province, the work of supporting the restoration of production and business, supporting and accompanying businesses continues to be promoted. Production and business activities of enterprises have been gradually restored, contributing significantly to the overall socio-economic development results of the province.


With the motto "Accompanying and supporting businesses", the province has led and directed the implementation of resolutions, programs and plans to improve the business investment environment, enhance competitiveness; business development and strong development of the private economic sector, innovative start-ups. The province has directed to continue renewing thinking, raising awareness, roles and responsibilities of the head in directly leading, directing and organizing the implementation of improving the business investment environment; creating an equal environment in accessing resources among business sectors and investors; improve the efficiency of transparency as a basis for attracting investors, multinational corporations, associated with cooperation, sharing benefits and responsibilities with enterprises of the province...

In the first 6 months of this year, the province held the first business meeting in 2022 and the Conference on implementation of Resolution No. 02/NQ-CP (January 10, 2022) of the Government and professional analysis. In-depth PCI index of Quang Ninh province in 2021. Thereby, expressing Quang Ninh's point of view "Improving business investment environment, administrative reform, enhancing provincial competitiveness has only a starting point, there is no end" and is not subjective, complacent... The province is also committed to creating all favorable and open conditions for investors and businesses to develop.

From the beginning of the year until now, the province has welcomed and worked with 20 delegations of organizations, 11 delegations of investors who came to work and learn about the investment environment of the province, such as: AQ Vietnam Joint Stock Company, Adani Group India, Singapore Business Federation in Vietnam... After the working sessions, the focal point staff always actively maintain contact and exchange to serve partners in research and investment decisions. The province also plans to organize an investment promotion conference in Quang Ninh province in 2022 for the EU market in the third quarter of 2022.