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Uong Bi City: 14 points can cause floods, landslides, incidents in the rainy season Uong Bi City: 14 points can cause floods, landslides, incidents in the rainy season


Uong Bi City organized the actual survey of flood and storm prevention works in the area. The survey shows that many works are in a state of deterioration, damage, which can cause floods, landslides, and accidents in the rainy season.


Specifically, the drainage works No. 1 through Vanh Kieu dike, Dinh sluice through Dien Cong dike were damaged; The equipment operating to close and open the sewer is degraded, reducing the use capacity. The damaged sewer No. 1 across the Vanh Kieu dike directly affects over 20ha of rice cultivation of farmers in Phuong Nam ward.

The area of ​​5-gate sluice gate through Hang Son dyke has eroded part of the embankment. The surface of Vanh Kieu and Hang Son dikes are cracked, convex and convex; Particularly, Vanh Kieu dike also suffered a landslide.

The location of residential area 3, Thanh Son ward, is flooded every time it rains and floods, affecting nearly 50 households because the sewer line of the construction area has long been degraded, now it is not capable of draining. country…

Previously, the wards and communes of Uong Bi city have reviewed, evaluated and proposed to upgrade, repair or renew 14 works that have been degraded, damaged, may cause flooding and landslides. , incidents in the rainy season, with a total estimate of over 18 billion VND.

According to Mr. Nguyen Duc Tiep, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Uong Bi City, based on the recommendations of the communes and wards and assessing the actual situation, Uong Bi City will classify and prioritize investment or propose investment immediately in those areas. essential and urgent works before this rainy season. The view of the city is that it will invest in all the works that can cause floods, landslides and incidents, in order to ensure safety in the rainy season and avoid affecting people's lives.