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Uong Bi City: Ready to move to a class I city


In 2023, along with the annual work theme of the province, Uong Bi City will further define the content of "joining hands to beautify the city" in order to mobilize, call and mobilize maximum resources to invest in infrastructure projects. new technical floors; renovate and upgrade existing urban and traffic technical infrastructure works, creating a drastic change in the urban appearance, contributing to fulfilling the goal of becoming a first-class urban center under the province soon.

  An urban corner of Uong Bi city today.

To ensure the goals set out in the year, the People's Committee of Uong Bi City has issued an implementation plan, with the participation of the whole political system. In which, the State plays the main role in mobilizing investment resources, improving technical infrastructure, traffic and urban areas; All sectors of society join hands to build a civilized urban lifestyle, a civilized street, and maintain a bright, green, clean and beautiful environment.

The goal of Uong Bi City in 2023 is to complete 100% of the adjustment projects of the general planning and the planning projects of subdivisions being implemented; invest in new construction of at least 10km of roads (including main roads and traffic routes in residential areas and new urban areas); to renovate and upgrade about 24.4km of the city's main roads; undergrounding 4.5km of the power line system; underground at least 9km of telecommunications cable system; upgrade the domestic water supply system in line with the urban development rate, ensuring that 100% of the urban population can use clean water according to the plan; plant at least 1,000 new trees in urban areas.

  The extended Tran Hung Dao street has just been invested and built.

Currently, all levels of Party committees, authorities, Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations in Uong Bi city are closely coordinating to implement synchronously solutions according to the proposed plan. In which, actively speeding up the completion of 6 implemented planning projects, organizing the establishment of 18 new planning projects to concretize socio-economic development orientations, ensuring appropriate urban development. with the master plan for socio-economic development of the city up to 2025, with a vision to 2030 and the general planning on construction of Uong Bi city to 2030, with a vision to 2050.

In particular, the People's Committee of Uong Bi City has decided to spend over 226 billion dong of the city's budget on development investment, including many investment projects in new construction, embellishment and upgrading of traffic routes. , electricity for lighting, underground electricity, water supply and drainage in urban areas, such as: embellishing Tran Phu road, the section from Tran Phu - Lung Xanh intersection to Trung Doan bridge; renovating Tran Hung Dao route from the City Party Committee, People's Council, City People's Committee to Tran Phu intersection.