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Van Don builds an enhanced rural district


In 2022, Van Don district is one of four localities of the province to reach the finish line of the rural area, contributing to the completion of the task of building a new rural area with the province. That result is the joint effort and consensus of the Party Committee, government and people of the whole district. Van Don is focusing on building an enhanced NTM district.

  Mr. Vu Duc Huong, Chairman of Van Don District People's Committee, inspects the support to build houses for poor households in Dai Xuyen commune, June 2022.

From a district with a low starting point in the construction of new rural areas, Van Don now has many obvious changes. The countryside has gained new vitality, the material and spiritual life of the people has improved day by day. People have access to new, efficient and sustainable production methods. Many households have an income of 200-300 million VND/year from aquaculture, model gardens, and developing high-quality OCOP products. The district has supported people to build sanitation works, build houses for 103 households with a cost of nearly 1.7 billion VND, people suffering from serious diseases; sponsoring children, beneficiaries of social protection... In 2022, the district has no more poor households, only 96 near-poor households (the rate of 0.75%).

To get those "sweet fruits", the district's propaganda is always promoted with the motto "go early, go first" so that officials and people understand and understand the program's goals and benefits. building NTM towards. The district launched the movement "All people join hands to build a new countryside" associated with the motto "People know, people discuss, people do, people inspect and people enjoy"; All work is discussed, democratic, transparent, creating a high degree of unity, done to be sure.

  Many households in Ngoc Vung commune invest in processing and trading typical local shrimp products.

When people are well aware of their role, they have agreed, contributed, and joined hands with the local government to build the new village. Many constructions, straight concrete roads to replace the old, narrow, muddy roads are the result of contributions from the people. Mr. Vu Duc Thanh (Dong Thanh village, Dong Xa commune) shared: “My family initially donated 38m2 of land to build a new rural road. When I saw that the households in the village participated very enthusiastically and enthusiastically, my family decided to donate another 22m2 of land. This is a job showing the sense of responsibility, contributing a part of the effort to the construction of the new rural area of the district, so every household agrees to respond."

Van Don has had 11/11 communes complete the national target program on building new rural areas; in which 4 communes have achieved advanced rural areas, 1 commune has basically completed the criteria for model rural rural communes, 43/66 villages have reached rural rural standards. The whole district has 67 gardens meeting NTM standards; over 5,500 rural households, equaling 54.74%. The rate of people's satisfaction with the results of the construction of new rural areas in the district is over 98.9%.