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Van Don has long white sand beaches, clear blue sea, poetic scenery, fresh air and rich and nutritious seafood dishes - this is an attractive destination for tourists, especially in summer occasion. In order to promptly meet the needs of tourists, restaurants, hotels, and transportation service establishments in the district have repaired and embellished infrastructure and materials, and re-operated teams. service, ensure customer satisfaction come, please go.

 Pick-up and drop-off activities of speedboats to the islands of Van Don and Co To districts at Cai Rong port.

According to statistics from the Culture and Information Department of Van Don district, there are 176 tourist accommodation establishments with 2,243 rooms and about 100 restaurants and eateries in Van Don. In order to ensure the quality of service, to meet the dining and accommodation needs of tourists, all facilities are invested in repairing, upgrading, improving the rooms, and improving the service quality. Along with that, the units were inspected and installed with additional safety conditions for fire and explosion prevention; signed with authorities to ensure food safety and hygiene and publicly posted service prices, meals and types of seafood in accordance with regulations. Up to now, most of these facilities have been granted certificates of safety facilities in fire prevention and fighting and prevention of Covid-19.

Minh Chau Beach Resort Hotel, one of the first hotels built synchronously and modernly in Minh Chau island commune, owned by Mr. Hoang Dinh Anh. With his business experience in the field of service and tourism, before every summer vacation, Mr. Hoang Dinh Anh together with the staff reorganize activities to welcome and serve guests thoughtfully. unique. This year, after 2 years of closure due to the Covid-19 epidemic, some of the furniture and items that are not used regularly at the hotel have been degraded and have been replaced, repaired and cleaned by the investment unit. clean.

 Officials and people of Quan Lan commune participate in cleaning the beach and preparing to welcome tourists.

Mr. Hoang Dinh Anh, owner of Minh Chau Beach Resort, said: Minh Chau Beach Resort hotel system currently has 42 rooms, ensuring service for 140 guests. At the end of May 2022, the hotel will complete the investment and put into operation 12 more rooms. In addition to service, the hotel also serves meals with lunch and dinner meals with all kinds of seafood of Van Don island waters, birthday events, campfires. Currently, all the preparations of the hotel have been completed, ready to welcome guests right this holiday April 30 to May 1.

In addition, transportation services (taxi, coach, high-speed train) are also repaired, upgraded and improved by business units in Van Don district to serve the travel needs of tourists. guest. Currently, in the district, there are 6 taxi companies with over 100 vehicles and 98 passenger ships (70 speedboats, 2 ocean-going ships, 3 plastic-hulled ships, 5 steel-hulled ships, 12 wooden-hulled ships and 2 composite-coated ships). in and out of the island communes of Van Don district, Co To district, promptly meeting the number of tourists using the service. The means of transport are checked and evaluated by the functional sector for the quality and safety of service on each journey and are committed to ensuring the fare, not carrying more than the number of people as prescribed.

 Tram system serving tourists in Quan Lan commune, Van Don district.

With the message "Safe travel - Full experience", this summer tourist season, Van Don promises to welcome about 1.2 million visitors to visit and relax. Along with service businesses, restaurants, and transportation, investing, upgrading and improving customer service conditions, Van Don district will coordinate with the Department of Tourism to develop a tourism product model. Overnight schedule on Bai Tu Long Bay. Accordingly, coordinate with installation units to expand the free Wifi system in the tourist wharf area; tourist attractions at the provincial level of Quan Lan - Minh Chau; Diversify tourism products to meet new market trends, focusing on developing products with local strengths, such as: spiritual tourism, sea and island tourism, and adventure tourism. experience, tourism associated with culinary culture.

Mr. Dao Van Vu, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Van Don district, said: During the summer tourist season of 2022, the district organizes cultural and sports activities that attract visitors, such as organizing the Van Don traditional festival in Hanoi. Quan Lan island commune and announced the decision to recognize the national intangible culture for the Van Don traditional festival; organize cultural and culinary programs of Van Don. The goal of the locality is to diversify and enrich tourism products, thereby increasing the attractiveness and attracting tourists to the island district for long stays.