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Van Don: Peak concentration for land clearance work


In the first months of 2022, due to objective and subjective factors, site clearance work in Van Don district faced many difficulties, affecting the progress of some key projects. In order to ensure the growth target of the investment-construction sector, Van Don district is trying to solve problems, focusing on land clearance work.

 Demolition of architectural objects at the intersection with the road to Cai Rong port, Van Don district.

In 2022, Van Don district will carry out land clearance for 43 projects, including 34 transitional projects and 9 newly implemented projects with a total area of ​​over 714ha, affecting 1,405 households and organizations. However, in the first 6 months of the year, the implementation progress was very slow due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of new cases increased rapidly after the Lunar New Year holiday, causing a shortage of land clearance officers, the continued near people is difficult.

In addition, some projects have to be adjusted to be more suitable with the new socio-economic development planning context and orientation in order to be more effective after investment, which causes the site clearance area to be supplemented and adjusted. correction. In addition, in the past, the real estate market in the district was quite active, many locations were transferred many times, leading to difficulties in determining land type, property assessment, and determining land origin. , still slow... has affected the progress of land clearance and implementation of local projects.

Specifically, key traffic projects, such as: The central trunk road of Cai Rong urban area (phase 2) has a length of 2.1km, in the first months of 2022, the contractor will only deploy on a scale of 1 ,5km, especially at intersections that cannot be deployed due to ground problems; The project of expanding road 334 from the golf course to the intersection of the complex park, the contractor can only carry out construction on an area of ​​40% of the existing ground, the remaining 60% of the area is entangled... Land clearance and slow progress of projects have affected the disbursement target of public investment capital, the growth plan of the investment - construction sector of the district and the province.

Faced with that situation, the Van Don District Party Committee has held meetings many times, reviewed each specific project and directed to remove difficulties, requesting the District People's Committee to focus on land clearance work, focusing on projects. The project is dynamic, key, has a large number of affected households, and many complicated problems arise. Directly, the district head had regular dialogues and meetings with the people to receive recommendations; request specialized departments and divisions to classify and evaluate the backlogs and problems caused by mechanisms and policies or other contents to come up with drastic solutions for each specific case.

Mr. Tran Van Hanh, Director of Van Don District Land Fund Development Center, said: The Center has synchronized from administration to directing, effectively implementing solutions, closely following provincial and district plans to push forward. speed up clearance. In particular, in addition to strictly complying with the land clearance process according to state regulations, the center has taken many measures in accordance with the context and actual conditions, making the most of policies for the people to receive benefits. consensus, early handover of the premises.

The district also regularly reviews and develops progress plans for each project, each household under the project according to levels from difficult to easy; proactively take effective measures in land recovery; strictly implement the announcement and publicization of plannings and projects; actively coordinate and mobilize the participation of units, wards and mass organizations; strengthen propaganda and dissemination of mechanisms, policies, and effectiveness of projects; encouraging and persuading people to well observe the land clearance policy, hand over land, and create conditions for projects to be implemented.

Along with that, selecting competent and qualified site clearance officers, fully equipped with knowledge and understanding of the regimes, policies and regulations of the State to answer all opinions and questions of the people; propose a way to solve the problems in the direction of perseverance, persistence and drastic with the goal that no matter how difficult the problem is, solve it completely, without letting a few households affect hundreds of households. affect the plans of the district and the province.

With great efforts and determination, land clearance work in Van Don district is being promoted. Many difficult and long-standing positions have also been removed with high consensus from the people. In early October, the central trunk road of Cai Rong urban area (phase 2) has also basically completed the site clearance, contractors are speeding up the progress, determined to open the whole route in this October. At the project of expanding road 334 from the golf course to the intersection of the complex park, Van Don district is determined to complete 100% of site clearance in November. This will create favorable conditions for works and projects. in the district are invested, deployed strongly, quickly promoting the efficiency after investment.