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Van Don: Seafood processing towards export


Capital has advantages in aquaculture and seafood processing, but for many years, Van Don has not really exploited this strength effectively. Therefore, investing in infrastructure, production facilities, attracting investors to planning solutions, announcing codes, ensuring the safety of farming areas ... are fundamental solutions, the right direction even though there are still many difficulties in implementation.

As a large "bowl" for aquaculture, Van Don has an area of ​​aquaculture and seafood that currently reaches more than 3,600 hectares on 160,000 hectares of sea surface. However, in recent years, there is still a situation where the price and consumption of seafood is still unstable.

The export and sale are mainly raw materials, lack of deep-processed products, value-added products that are competitive in the market or export-oriented. Depending on export markets makes consumption difficult, especially when affected by epidemics, broken consumption chains, etc., affecting farming and processing households, causing heavy losses. .

According to Mr. Ha Van Ninh, Deputy Head of the District Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, in order to solve this problem, Van Don district has been very interested in radical solutions and sustainable development orientations in recent years. In particular, special attention is paid to infrastructure investment, production encouragement, promotion of added products, seafood value to conquer the market.

One of the major changes and changes is the support, guidance and encouragement of enterprises, cooperatives and associations in investing and modernizing processing facilities for exporting oyster intestines and other aquatic products. other products. In order to ensure export standards, most of these establishments make large investments from 300 million to over 1 billion dong for the machinery system, one-way and closed processing process. In particular, the most concerned stage is to ensure clean water for seafood processing and has been invested from 100 million VND in each facility.

In addition, due to the specificity of processing factories located in or adjacent to residential areas, investment in wastewater treatment by settling, microbial filtration, etc. is a mandatory requirement and is regularly checked. , monitoring. According to these standards, up to now, Van Don has about 7 large processing establishments (3 enterprises, 4 cooperatives), over 30 small-scale processing establishments, concentrated in Ha Long communes, Dong Xa... These facilities are operating stably, producing about 20 tons of oyster intestines and seafood that meet the standards for export to Taiwan every day.

Towards the sustainable and modern production and processing of seafood, Van Don district also closely cooperates with the authorities towards ensuring the safety of the farming area according to the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Accordingly, the district cooperates with the Sub-Department for Quality Management of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DARD) and the Seafood Research Institute 1 (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) to monitor the aquaculture area in Van Don. In which, conducting monthly inspection and publication of results on water environment, quality of livestock products, especially samples of oysters, clams, etc. at farming sites in Dong Xa, Ha Long communes, farming areas. Thang Loi, Ban Sen...

Thereby, capturing and controlling infection, ensuring the quality of seafood put into processing, meeting export standards. The processing units and complexes themselves also strictly adhere to export product standards as well as invite partner technicians to directly monitor the process and product quality.

In addition, in order to create positive and long-term changes, Van Don district has planned a 52ha cottage industry area in Trang Huong village (Doan Ket commune), focusing on seafood processing and investment establishments. centralized wastewater treatment area, cold storage and synchronous infrastructure...

At the same time, calling for investment, expanding production and attracting a number of interested investors, such as: Green Aquatech Joint Stock Company and its partners processing about 150 tons of seafood per day; Another big investor opened a closed production chain with the ability to consume raw materials on a scale of 150 hectares of farming. Currently, this area is being focused on speeding up, and will soon be put into operation in 2023.

At the same time, Van Don district also encourages and supports flexible resources to support production facilities of OCOP-branded value-added products. Typically, Quang Ninh Seafood Trading and Production Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in investing in machinery and technology to produce many 3-4 star seafood products; Newstar Co., Ltd., Cai Rong Fish Sauce, Investment and development of production in Ha Long, modernized production for Sa Sung fish sauce products, oysters...