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Vietnamese specialties set Asian culinary records


The Asian Records Organization has officially recognized new Asian records for Vietnamese cuisine and specialty gifts for the third time in 2022.

Based on the proposal of the Vietnam Records Union (VietKings), the Asian Records Organization set records for 7 types or groups of specialty dishes, 2 natural specialties and 2 gift specialties.

In which the top specialties include durian salad (An Giang), Phu Quoc herring salad (Kien Giang), U Minh fish sauce hot pot (Ca Mau), dishes from lotus (Dong Thap), dishes from bronze featherback (Hau Giang), dishes from tuna (Phu Yen) and dishes from coconut (Ben Tre).

Hot pot sauce is a specialty of the West.

Two natural specialties shortlisted to be recognized as Asian records this time are Lo Ren Vinh Kim star apple (Tien Giang) and Ly Son garlic (Quang Ngai). Two Vietnamese gift specialties are bird's nest (Khanh Hoa) and Phu Quoc sim wine (Kien Giang).

In July 2022, VietKings set a record with the event of processing and performing 101 dishes from Phu Yen tuna. At the same time, the culinary contest "Fragrance of Hau Giang" set a record for processing and performing the most dishes from bronze featherback in Vietnam; and processing and performing the most dishes from pineapple in Vietnam.