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Vietnam's logistics market is flourishing




According to assessments by many international organizations, Vietnam's logistics market has an average annual growth rate of 16%.

 Vietnam's logistics industry has made significant progress. (Illustration - Photo: Investment Newspaper)

The latest figures were just announced at the Asia-Pacific Annual Conference of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations.

With this growth rate, the logistics market helped bring Vietnam's total import and export turnover last year to more than 730 billion USD, an increase of more than 9% over the same period.

Vietnam's logistics activities are among the top in the ASEAN region, ranking 43rd in the world. Vietnam's logistics has also seen many improvements in the context of a decline in world freight forwarding activities.

If invested synchronously, optimizing costs and improving competitiveness, Vietnam will be the new logistics center of the entire region.

Previously, according to Agility's 2022 assessment, Vietnam ranked 11th in the group of 50 global emerging logistics markets. The number of businesses and the quality of logistics services are increasing, contributing significantly to Vietnam's logistics industry making significant progress.

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