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VIET HUNG                       INDUSTRIAL PARK

           I. General Information                        II. Regional location and relations
           - Location: Viet Hung Industrial Park is located in Viet   - Distance from Hanoi city’s center: About 140 km
           Hung Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province and   - Distance from center of Ha Long city, Quang Ninh
           borders Troi River to the East, a traffic road connecting   province: About 15 km
           Troi – Vu Oai Road and National Road 18 to the West,
                                                         - Road: Located on National Route No. 279; about 06
           orientated land fund as an urban area under Ha Long
                                                         km from National Route No. 18A; Located aside Ha
           City Master Planning Scheme to the South and Road
                                                         Long – Van Don Highway (about 01 km from Viet
           328 to the North
                                                         Hung Intersection).
           - Area: 301 ha
                                                         - Seaport: About 11 km from Cai Lan port (Ha Long,
           - Infrastructure Employer: Viet Hung Industrial Park   Quang Ninh); about 30 km from Dinh Vu port (Hai
           Development Joint Stock Company               Phong city).
           + Address: Viet Hung Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh   - Airport: About 145 km from Noi Bai airport (Hanoi);
           Province                                      About 35 km from Cat Bi airport (Haiphong); It is
           + Tel: +84 203 369 5088; Fax: +84 203 369 5089;    about 60 km from  Van Don International Airport
           - Characteristics of the Industrial Park in phase I:   (Quang Ninh).
           Characteristics of the industrial park: It is an industrial   - Railway: About 07 km from Ha Long and Cai Lan
           complex with synchronous technical infrastructure   Stations (Ha Long, Quang Ninh).
           system of environmentally-friendly automotive   III. Technical infrastructure
           manufacturing industry, clean industries and auxiliary   - Internal transport: The traffic system is designed
           services for activities of the industrial park.
                                                         under a chessboard-like network.  The transport

                  Quang Ninh Economic Zone Authority
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