P. 12

network is arranged in accordance with scale of each
                                                      area  to  ensure  convenient  connecting  capability
                                                      between the areas and between roads and waterways.
                                                      -  Power supply:
                                                      + High-voltage power supply is from the readily available
                                                      110 KV power line; from the intermediate substation, the
                                                      power is delivered to distribution substations to supply
                                                      areas of the Industrial Park.
                                      TOTAL AREA
                                      301 HA          + Low-voltage cable network is routed from substation’s
                                                      low-voltage cabinet via the tech trench to the
                                                      distribution cabinets in workshops and to distribution
                                                      cabinets in production areas.

                                                      - Water supply: from Dong Ho Water Plant.
                                                      - Drainage system, waste/waste water treatment
                                                      + Planning for rainwater drainage system is independent
                                                      from the waste water treatment system;
                                                      + 01 Concentrated waste water treatment  station
                                                      with a capacity of 1,800 – 2,000 m3/day is arranged
                                       TOTAL AREA
                                       301 HA         for collection, treatment of wastewater of the entire
                                                      industrial park. Post-treated wastewater shall meet the
                                                      requirements of standards and regulations before being
                                                      discharged into the environment;
                                                      + Domestic solid wastes (CTRs) are collected and
                                                      categorized into organic and non-organic CTRs, these
                                                      two types shall be stored in separate bags. Non-organic
                                                      CTRs are regularly collected and recycled as much as
                                                      possible. Organic CTRs are daily collected and treated at
                                                      the city’s general CTR treatment area. Industrial CTRs are
                                                      categorized, collected and treated up to the standards
                                                      before being buried according to regulations.

                                                                 Industrial Parks of Quang Ninh Province
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